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1995 Chevy Silverado 4x4

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This is my latest vehicle purchase - my 1995 Silverado.After cleaning and going over this truck with a fine-tooth comb, and seeing how good of condition it really is, I have decided to put it back as close to stock as I can, while still customizing it just enough to give me more enjoyment.
  1. The old ash tray wouldn't close and it was NASS-TEE! Found this one in the bone yard and swapped 'em out.
  2. I replaced the ash tray with one from a 96. I like this style much better.
  3. Here is a shot of the dash at night with all of the lights working after replacing more than half of them. I like that I am able to change the color...
  4. This picture shows the broken door handlw on the passenger's side. A quick shopping trip on ebaY and a few days waiting fixed that.
  5. The inside was kind of nastied up. This is after a quick scrub and vacuum session. YES! Those ARE 88-94 seats and console. I am planning to change...
  6. The exhaust on this sounded HORRIBLE (with a V6), so I had those pipes cut off and went with a more stock single out the side exiting pipe.
  7. Notice the dull wheels. They shined up really nice with a LOT of sweat.
  8. Here it is the day it came home to live with me. (of course, he DID get a bath before pictures...)
  9. I put a small amount of effort into cleaning the engine bay when I first got it. My kids enjoyed making "mud pies" with all of the dirt that came out...
  10. It's STILL a V6.
  11. Yes, it's a V6.
  12. I replaced this cover plate since the old one had "pins" holding it in place (They started putting the pins in these in late '05 since it slides back...
  13. The wheels came nice and clean after grinding on the for HOURS with Mother's.
  14. This is my aftermarket stereo. It's nothing special, but it IS bluetooth enabled, so I can listen to the music on my phone wirelessly as well as make...
  15. Here is the instrument cluster after hitting it with some Novus plastic polish... Notice you can actually SEE the gauges now.
  16. Caption
  17. When I got this truck, it had "duals" exiting out on either side of the tow hitch. It sounded horrible, so I had them cut off and put a new muffler...
  18. I don't really care for the "Tailgate Band". I will probably take it off in time if I can't get it to clean up. I also had the back window tinted....
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