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Good daytime pics

These pictures were actually taken in 2010. Nothing major has changed about the truck since then as far as the body goes, except for some minor rusting where the paint has been worn off and bar metal expose.The regular maintenance items such as tires are worn and need replacing. Nothing a good sanding and primer won't fix. The body underneath then wheel arch molding have some serious rust, but that was like that when I acquired the truck.
  1. IMG 1270
  2. IMG 1269 
There are dents on both sides of the truck towards the bottom.
  3. IMG 1266 
Headlights are not the original glass ones. Since this picture they have glazed over with a yellow tint. The park lights are still clear.
  4. IMG 1265
  5. IMG 1262
  6. IMG 1260
  7. IMG 1259 
In this picture the back window was taped up because someone attempted to break into the truck. It has since been replaced and re tinted.
  8. IMG 1258
  9. IMG 1257
  10. IMG 1256
  11. IMG 1255
  12. IMG 1254
  13. IMG 1253
  14. IMG 1252 
The tires don't have as much tread anymore. The back two need replacing but the front I believe to have a few more miles left.
  15. IMG 1251
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