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Truck Soundproofing, Heat Insulation and Carpet Pad Installation

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Hi: There are two pages of pictures. I did something wrong when I uploaded them, so the chronological order is mixed up. To view these, please view the photos with white floor visible first. I also include some pictures of the firewall where the materials stopped against the insulation from the factory that is on the firewall. Sorry, but this will give you the history of what was done. Materials used: Dynamat Extreme, Dynamat, Aerospace insulation, heat shield insulation, heat pad, carpet pad, and finally, new carpet. As you will see, I tapped out all threaded fastener holes in the floor prior to laying down materials, and I used two waterbed mattress heaters on a work bench to pre-heat the Dynamat Extreme (old stuff, they don't make it any more, it is very thick) and the regular Dynamat. A lot of measurements were taken, and materials were cut to fit curvatures in the floor and firewall. This project took me about three months of work off and on. Not something you want to do if you have to drive your truck daily. I started in the winter, finished in the spring. I also put special heat shielding over the floor above the catalytic converter.
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  2. 100 6462
  3. 100 6461
  4. Thread taps were used to clean out all fastener threads in floor.  Having restored a couple of cars, I value fasteners.  We have a place here called...
  5. This spot was tough to fit.   I was using old Dynamat Extreme, the real thick stuff.  It had cracks in it and had to be heated a lot to get it...
  6. 100 6448
  7. Some essential tools for use in this project.  Also the waterbed mattress heaters were indispensiible.
  8. Two waterbed mattress heaters are used to preheat the materials prior to installation.  This makes it much easier to install over curves, valleys and...
  9. 100 6666
  10. This shows the aerospace insulation (used on spacecraft and jets) placed over the Dynamat.
  11. Carpet pad with foil backing was laid over the aerospace insulation.
  12. Cool It heat shield was cut and placed over the floor above the catalytic converter (in addition to my other materials).
  13. 100 6656
  14. 100 6658
  15. 100 6660
  16. 100 6662
  17. Aerospace insulation being laid down.  I measured and pre-cut all holes for fastener re-isnstallation.
  18. This shows how I maked both the insulation and the wall of the cab to line it up properly after spraying on the 3-M adhesive to both surfaces.  Item...
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