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The hunt & restoration of my 1990 Silverado.

Much to my surprise, I bought this truck sight unseen off the auction site. It didn't cost a lot, but once you commit yourself to a restoration it gets complicated and expensive. At that point you have to see and think about where you are going, and is the chase worth the run. For me, It was.

The truck was bought and stayed in the central Pennsylvania region. It was a dealers pick and was initially just a two-tone black and Gold pickup truck. It had many 'creature comforts' RPO's and the first buyer wanted some options it didn't have, so the dealer install all but one of the options, which is a Limited slip differential and I'm trying to get that done in the future. I would never have enter into this if not for friends who own auto repair shops and they took a good look at it from underneath and on topside. The verdict was it wasn't rusted beyond help, in fact it had very little rust for such a 22 year old vehicle as per the salt PA uses during an average winter. So it was first went to the mechanical shop and we invested 2K dollars to refurbish the most critical systems, then to the body shop, the cab and chassis stayed together, the bed was removed and two teams worked on the truck for a week, all was done and the body put back on and we decided to repaint only the black as it was the worst off, and one corner of the cab, right below and at the passengers side back corner was cut out and a new corner was welded in and repainted the correct gold and we flatbed towed it to a really good Macco whom painted the already pre- prepped black upper section with Onyx Black enamel The stock color. And Thank you to LMC corporation from whom I bought a small fortune in parts. That was last year and since then I have slowly gotten about to the replacement of the very typical parts that might and or will die soon.(the fuel pump died yesterday on me, thanks again to AAA for the towing. And it is now getting a new fuel tank and pump.

Other than that, I have been collecting some of the "Backup" parts that are no longer in supply but on the used aftermarket. i.e.; radio, Cassette player, the engine PCM the critical stock 'chip' and then upgrades like a K&N series 57 cold air intake, Chrome valve covers, a very complete and through 'Tune-Up, every setting is as it was save for the options I added and it was recalibrated for them. It has a 'Airaid' Power mass air flow spacer, summit racings set of truck shorty headers and a 3" Gibson exhaust, new bumpers, dash refurbish myself and a new headliner and 10K dollars later we have a as close to stock 1990 Chevrolet Silverado pickup, lots of RPO's like air conditioned, leather wrapped steering wheel, new carpeting, dash and seat and power steering, power brakes, tilt wheel and a "for the day" Delco AM/FM stereo & cassette deck sound system. And it all still work very well. The radio is a rebuilt unit and works excellent. So my friends there she is. Thank you for your kindness and support, I have been able to save one more of General Motors vehicles from the scrap yard. I have attached two pictures of her when she was wasting away in a remote Pennsylvania field, and now close to a year and a half in rebuilt, restored and road ready condition. She is a pleasure to drive, reliable and I added one option which wasn't on the glove box door RPO's which is the Towing Hook's option on the front of the truck, and as you can see I had the windows tinted. I hope you can enjoy the look of a restored top of the line 1990 Chevrolet product.
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