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Photo 7 of 7 from My '02 Silverado

haha, stuck in snow! wanted to see how far i could make it up the hill in 2WD, thank goodness the pavement under the truck didn't scratch or rip apart the underside or bumpers or anything.

If you look close enough you can see the passenger side front tire off the ground. LOVE IT

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03-17-2009, 01:27 PM
My '02 Silverado
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  1. TRPLXL2
    Wow I'm surprised it didn't scratch up your drivers side door, it looks like it's laying on its side! At least it didn't flip totally over on its side
  2. ameerica
    yea no kidding, i was SO lucky absolutely NO damage happened, i am so thankful. if you look close enough the front right tire is off the ground.
  3. johnny_ringo
    haha! that's friggin awesome! it's good to see more guys who aren't afraid to DRIVE their trucks!
  4. ameerica
    Thanks man! I love driving my truck! If i didn't love it so much, i would go out and get a super fast ricey Civic or something like that. hahaha, don't get me wrong, i love fast vehicles, but i love MY vehicle to be able to do whatever life throws at me. And i would hate looking like a bitch when i moved and have to either rent a U-Haul, or borrow a friend's truck. Plus, riding around in snow, mud or sand is so much fun, plus it gets the girl all excited.
  5. larryleeUSN
    ha ha ive been there b4 but with my old 1980 and the driver side was scrapping. nice pic though. i like you truck.
  6. ahm1127
    Great shot, make sure you keep using your truck & taking pics. I wish I had pics of some of my fun experiences.
  7. s5belford
    I'm glad you love your truck too, and my favorite response when someone says their "car"/ride is faster than my truck I say "lets race in the mud" and then we'll if their ricer is faster than my truck!
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