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  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    That's a great looking truck for sure.
  2. chevykid92's Avatar
    I like it, saw a pic of it on google with a lift and taller tires. definitely looks mean. I would like to upgrade my 07 too.
  3. devil_doc7721's Avatar
    Looks beautiful i love the design. I cant wait for it to hit the market definetly going to be in play to upgrade my 07.
  4. SOUTHERN_FREEDOM1861's Avatar
    This was the 1st i saw the end of the world commercial but i know my m-1028 will last till the end.
  5. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Remember there's a IP trace on all submissions and they can be used against you in a court of law. hahahhaa
  6. rileyjr16's Avatar
    I'd kill to work where you work
  7. PondWarrior's Avatar
    I think the commercial is Hilarious! It's all in good fun, but at the same time. Chevy's do last the longest. You see way more older chevy's and GMC's on the road than fords or dodges. Every manufacturer claims to have the best in all of the different categories and for their class. I've watched the HD to HD and rumble in the rockies, and Chevy wins everything in those. But Ford has their own version of the same thing with the opposite results. Makes you wonder if there's a difference nowadays.
  8. Red Z71 Max's Avatar
    I did not see one Ford commercial during the super bowl. I find that strange but maybe they feel the $$$ spent is not worth the return.
  9. ChevyFan's Avatar
    We did the Prairie lights too, hard to believe they get $30 on the weekends and on the actual holiday-day - per car! But the lines are long.

    Just a note on that, get there just at dusk and you'll get right in, or drive south and turn-around, the line is 1/4 the length when driving north on Lake Ridge Parkway.
  10. tbplus10's Avatar
    I've been going to these lights for about 5 years now and they get better and better every year.
    We also go to "Prairie Lights" every year, which isnt to hard since their only about 5 minutes from my subdivision, they have a nice play land in the center of the park where you can stop and get hot chocolate and let the kids ride a few rides.
  11. not100years's Avatar
    Just so things are clear... Chevrolet is not 100 years old. GM went Bankrupt. GM is now 2 years old....therefore the "new" Chevrolet is 2 years old. Sheep!
  12. ChevyFan's Avatar
    This event was a LOT of fun, I got to meet a lot of great people including Mike Modano, Randy White, Jay Novacek, Carly Patterson and too many to list. Full story coming later tonight.
  13. tbplus10's Avatar
    Uh no you are a Celebrity arent you the world famous guy that created GMTC?
    I wouldnt be surprised if next year they have you golfing with CEO's and World Leaders.
  14. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FrigginNoodles
    I have seen a couple of these out and about. There is one that makes me cringe though. Someone took their H3T and covered the front with really gaudy looking flames. That poor truck. I don't have anything against flames, but the ones on this are very cheap, solid-colored, and just don't seem to fit. Anyways besides that, the other ones I have seen out look great. As far as gas mileage, doesn't seem too bad.
    You should try to get some pics of that if you see it around, I'd like to see them flames.
  15. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Who;s planning on going to any of the events?
  16. ChevyFan's Avatar
    I have just heard that GM is releasing a bunch of information about all of the stuff that they're going to do to celebrate the 100 year anniversay for Chevrolet. Should be a good time and some great deals and things going on.
  17. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Who's in the market for a 2012 Chevy?
  18. ChevyFan's Avatar
    I have no idea what that is, but it's probably spam. haha
  19. linkmbt's Avatar
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  20. ChevyFan's Avatar
    I have hydroplaned before, it's not fun if you're around anything. Kinda fun in an empty parking lot though.
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