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Classic Styling, Modern Technology

My notes and thoughts about the projects I complete on my Suburban, Bronco, and various other things and events in my life.

The goal of my Suburban is to build it up while keeping it visually classic, while utilizing modern technology to enhance safety, power, and comfort.

  1. The Power Steering Pulley Ceases to Exist

    Yesterday, I got a call to rescue my cousin's Suburban that broke down. No big deal, I was already hooked up to the flatbed trailer and the truck was loaded with recovery gear from a previous rescue job I had to run earlier in the day. We get to his truck and load it up on the trailer, and proceed to head home. Everything's going well, and we're about 5 miles from home, when we hear a loud clunk, and suddenly lose voltage and power steering. No big deal, we probably just threw the serpenteine belt. ...
  2. Picked up more military equipment M105A2

    You may have seen my thread asking about my odd configuration for cooling my transmission and towing a trailer. If not, here's a link: . Well, the trailer I was intending to tow was a M105A2 1.5 ton military trailer. It weighs in right at 3000 pounds, and the bed is a solid 4 foot off the ground. Here's a picture of it:
    Suburban , Deuce and a Half
  3. My Recent Deuce Accessory Aquisition

    This past weekend I acquired some new parts for the deuce. The first thing I got, was a pair of new troop seats. These are racks that drop into the stake pockets on the bed and fold down to provide seating for 12 or so. Then I was able to acquire in a separate deal a headache rack that connects the 2 sides of troop seats together. It has rotten wood on it, but I plan to rebuild and restore the rack to new condition by replacing the wood. My third acquisition was a cargo cover to cover the whole ...
    Deuce and a Half
  4. Fuel Filter Change and Oil and Oil Filter Change

    This occured a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now getting the time to blog about it. I haven't really done any maintainence to the deuce since I bought it, so I figured it should get a fuel filter change, and an oil change. So, I went about changing the fuel filters first. The filters on this truck aren't just spin-on cans, they're elements in metal cans that have to get changed. And there's 3 of 'em, a primary, and 2 secondaries. They were simple enough to change, except the gasket on one of ...
    Deuce and a Half
  5. Changed the Brake Hoses on the Deuce

    Well, the brake hoses on my deuce and a half were probably original to the truck. The outer covering of the hoses were cracked from age, but they were still fine, except for one. My front drivers brake hose had been apparently rubbing against the rim of the tire for a while, and the hose was worn smooth. So, it had to get changed, especially since the brake system on a deuce is only a single-circuit system. This means that a single brake part failure anywhere in the system means no brakes at all. ...

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    Deuce and a Half
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