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Classic Styling, Modern Technology

My notes and thoughts about the projects I complete on my Suburban, Bronco, and various other things and events in my life.

The goal of my Suburban is to build it up while keeping it visually classic, while utilizing modern technology to enhance safety, power, and comfort.

  1. Truckputer Installed

    After probably a year working on getting the truckputer installed, I finally got it done. I had acquired all the parts for the build probably close to a year ago and just had to build the center console to house it all. However, I don't have the neccesary skills or tools to build it myself, so I worked with my uncle to build the console. That's what held everything up for so long. Over the Thanksgiving holidays we both had time to work on it, so we did. While it didn't come out as perfect as I would ...
  2. Tie-Rods Installed

    Yesterday I got all the tie-rods replaced on the Bronco. It was a pain, but I got it done. I did my best to mark on the old tie-rods with tape where they were adjusted to to try and get the alignment close to right. I know it won't be prefect, but it's hopefully close enough to bring it to the alignment shop. I'm hoping I torqued all the bolts down enough. The torque spec on the main tie-rod bolts was around 75 foot pounds and the adjuster sleeve bolts were around 45. I torqued them to whatever ...
    Ford Bronco
  3. Quick Update

    Today I replaced the plugs in the Suburban after I replaced the coolant temp sensor in the side of the block that stopped working. While I was replacing the coolant temp sensor I figured what the hey, I've been wating to check the plugs, now is a good time. So, I pulled the plug of the #6 cylinder, one of the 2 that went dead during the transmission incident as a result of the plug wire burning through. I found the porcelin on the insulator chipping off.

    So, I bought 8 new Autolite ...
  4. Does anyone read these blogs?

    Am I just spinning my wheels over here in the blog section? Seems like the only person that might read is tim. Comment back on this thread if you read it.
  5. This must be my week or something...

    Today I did something else pretty stupid. I work in IT. I was installing a UPS in the switch room that ties the entire network together, internal and external. Everything went perfect with the installation, until I wasn't happy with where I plugged the new UPS into. Mind you, the switch has quad-redundant power supplies. 2 PSUs that each have 2 power cords running into them. I have one cord from each PSU going into one UPS, and the other ones going into the other UPS. So, I thought I could stand ...
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