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  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    Where are you sourcing your vinyl sheets from?
    I tried one of the larger Hobby stores out here but all they had was small sheets of vinyl the largest being 2'x3', I was going to stop at a company I pass by on my way to work that does vinyl graffic wraps but I suspect they only get rolls which will be to much product for me to use and the price will probably be high.
    Think you could shoot some in progress pics on your next project?
  2. nikkeshelton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gabethesvg
    sure is i know some great places if instrested
    Ever been to central Wash.? Wenatchee area?
  3. nikkeshelton's Avatar
    Had heated seat option installed by the dealer and when they installed them they unpluged my "Gear Vendor" box and were afraid to plug it into another hot circuit. So......back out to Lakeside (Gear Vendors Location) Turns out to be a good thing as the tech. there told me that whoever wired the box control up originally had it done so that my torque converter would not lock up! Now I am seeing better milage than before! Was wondering why my milage didn't improve on my Washington trip!!
  4. gabethesvg's Avatar
    sure is i know some great places if instrested
  5. tbplus10's Avatar
    Cant go wrong with Gear Vendors they make a quality product.
  6. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Washington state? Thousands of awesome places to go offroading there.
  7. nikkeshelton's Avatar
    Sure Will!
  8. Dirty Dog's Avatar
    When you run the Edge programmers in the extreme modes:or towing heavy loads::: you should always take the time and retrain the transmission.. and also make sure that your torque converter can handle the tune..... I have the evolution CTS installed and have not yet taken it to the top end tunes .... but it is unbelievable in the eco, tow, and performance 1 mode..... one day soon i will try the performance 2 mode. and then when the tires, torque converter have been replaced with ones that will Actually handle the extreme tunes i will unlock them....
  9. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Awesome, you get some photos of them go ahead and upload them to the site.
  10. Drake_korthos's Avatar
    Noticed very rough shifting (jerking) when I installed the 87 Octane tune with my Trinity. After I had a custom tune done, I noticed the shifting became a lot more smooth. Shifting was still aggressive as with the canned tune, but had been smoothed out. If you're able, I'd look into purchasing a custom tune to refine the programming. Good luck!
  11. nikkeshelton's Avatar
    Still having 1st gear shifting problems..even with the Edge Programer disconnected. Hope the comp. registers a code!