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Shifting gears

Welcome to Shifting Gears.........It's Just A blog,,,,, Not much else to say.......
Please enjoy..... feel free to comment.....Not to sure how it will ....turn out....
As I will gather material from GMTC forums, as the soul inspiration of this blog......
Lets see Where it will take us..........

  1. Have you Hugged yourTruck today

    I was just wondering, if you hugged your truck today?
    You know trucks do a lot for us. everyday!!!
    They get us from point A to B, even c and beyond
    They haul our stuff where we need it to go, through anything even
    Mud and Snow
    They do lots of our work for us, and ask very little in return
    They even haul our toys, and boats and things, with little concern
    They give

    Updated 05-18-2012 at 02:09 PM by Dirty Dog

  2. Ewww!!!! Bug juice

    Well we were coming home from the lake today, one of the first nice days of this upcoming summer, the sun was out and there was actually some warmth radiating from it as well.
    The folks al around the lake were appropriately dressed, shorts tank tops, halter and bikinis, it had the smell of sun screen and bug repellant drifting on the saskatchewan breeze.
    All in all it was a great weekend for all, except the ride home. As along with summer comes the bugs, bugs that fly, crawl, swim,

    Updated 05-13-2012 at 09:06 PM by Dirty Dog

  3. The Down Shift

    The Down Shift
    So for years now, I have know, my hobby has been watching people, whats even better then that is watching people with their trucks. Some lift them , some lower them, and every one drives them, or wishes they did. Some wax and polish them some drive them in the mud, just to get stuck. Some trucks play, some trucks work , some trucks, look to good to work, some are loaded to excess and some never see the rain….
    Its funny with all the trucks, they are sorta like the folks ...

    Updated 05-09-2012 at 11:28 PM by Dirty Dog

  4. The NEW COMER

    A young boy moves to a prairie town, from the farm, when he was around 16, now this boy was mature from growing up on the farm , but still very Nieves,,, he had never kissed a girl, maybe thought about it as he fooled around in the hay stack, but was to shy to say,,, but he wanted very badly to have a girl friend, and he had one particular Dolly in mind.
    He didn't know quite how to handle this as he was still a virgin, and thought this would affect him
    as he set his dreams to high.

    Updated 05-09-2012 at 10:57 PM by Dirty Dog

    Anything Goes Blogging
  5. My first post second

    Ok you all know I like randomly spewing random things, Random thoughts about Random stuff,
    I Usually Rambling on and get caught not watching the Tac, I can get off topic rather quickly and miss a shift, I always seem to eventually find the gear i am looking for, and regain my traction and speed.

    So this New Blog will hopefully sooth the saddened soles that Found My last blog an annoyance, I find it rather unbelievable, that some off topic randomness would have this effect ...
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