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Blog about your ride, especially project trucks and other vehicles. Keep the world updated. You are better off asking for help in the forums though.

  1. Morning coffee, on GMCT

    I just thought i would bring this over to my blog, as it sorta belongs here anyways,,, but you can follow the thread in the coffee shop,, as well.........

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dog View Post
    Good morning every one,,,,
    Each day I awake , let Mystic out, which is a total act of the dog controlling her master as she has her own door in the shop and can come and go at her leisure.... then I boil the water and make my special brew of coffee, very strong and black, sit down at the desk and open up this forum to catch
  2. OHHH!!!! chit I missed another comma....

    Well what the hell,,, I got an email from a friend the other day whom I mail some of my writings to,, he sent me back this reply.....

    I would like to tell you how much i enjoy reading your ramblings ons about absolutely nothing. They take up space in my day, for no reason at all ,,, something i find highly unproductive ,,, which is most defiantly what i get paid for..... I would extremely appreciate that in the future before passing

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    My Ride
  3. Walking the dog.......A Journey and Adventure from the Prairies to the Mountains

    Morning Every one, ........just finished loading Dirty Dog up for a 1139.7 km trip across my country.
    Now that is 867.3 kilometers/468 nautical miles or 567 miles as a the crow flies.. but realy its a A 12 hour 22 min trip..... come a long for the ride.......

    So we are off we stopped off in the city for a breakfast, with my Mom and Dad & Funny thats their little dog..
    WE had some B&E and coffee, a nice morning chat and we were off,, all fueled up
    My Ride
  4. Milk bones and milk ,,,or Milkbones an whine

    Hey ALl........... Had a great couple days,,, won a battle going on for a few years, about our wireless system here..... Its ashame when you have to pay some F@^$#P.. your world ...but it happens i guess
    ,,,,,so life goes on............. and I get a milk bone and Mystic enjoys, yep!!!
    you know what I mean ,,,It happens to every one,, A Car sales man, the Bagger at the food shop, the Gardner , the boss.... we all know,,,, the dog always gets the bone..............Yeps!.... ...

    Updated 04-11-2012 at 06:35 AM by Dirty Dog

    My Ride
  5. 101 Dalmatians, Nope that is 101 things to do......

    Hey Every one, hope all is well in GMTC land....
    Today was one of those typical Mondays, to many things to do!!!... So Mystic and Myself went out Four wheeling this morning,,, yep 6am we were in the Valley, top kicking it while the sun was rising... there was some snow and drifts, slush and ice, left over from the storm on saturday, so we decided to go for a tour and see what we could do on this cold freaking Monday... we took the camera and Yep it was monday, I learned how to drive and ...
    My Ride
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