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  1. Maverick8298's Avatar
    WhiteRice, been reading the thread about your 4wd conversion for a while. I've actually been thinking about trying the same project. How's it been going since you started? And did you get the transfer case and tranny figured out?
  2. WhiteRice's Avatar
    Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile work and the holiday season have been keeping me busy. Ran into some obstacles with the truck. Had to replace the battery's and a few more things. When I was asking round for some info about the conversion and someone told me bout doing a bodyswap. Now I'm not one to just trust any random person off the street, so what can you guys tell me about that. Would it be worth it? What are the pros and cons of it?
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    Check the bushings on the pivot points and make sure the latch's are properly locking, shouldnt rattle at all.
  4. WhiteRice's Avatar
    Now that is what I wanted to hear! I don't like the new push button 4wd anyway. I would rather have the stick. Actually just got done putting my tailgate on. still need to replace the cables and such. Is there anyway to get the tailgate to look in more securely? it rattles around something awful!
  5. tbplus10's Avatar
    A new computer will depend on how you decide to do the build, if you use a late model factory trans/transfer case combo (one of the newer electric shift/push button versions) you need the corresponding computer, but if you go with an older manual linkage T case (which is what I would recommend) you can run the engine and trans with the existing computer. Same goes for the axle, if your gonna attempt to put a late model (read as IFS) axle in then it'll have a sensor for the computer, but an older Dana wont provide or need any computer inputs.
    I recommend you keep it simple and use the older axle and T case since you have plans to lift the truck some.
  6. WhiteRice's Avatar
    Hey, sorry its been so long since I have posted. I had one question, The other day after a good night out with some friends I was talking to a buddy who is a mechanic and he mentioned that he thinks I would need a new computer to be able accommodate for 4wd. Is this true and if so how much is that on top of what i already know?
  7. tbplus10's Avatar
    Your blog is updating, you can do a new reply on your original blog and it updates your comments.
    If your looking at Curries site look at axle assemblies, remember your building this custom so almost anything will fit because your gonna make it fit. If you have questions about their products and fitment for your particular truck they have a help section and their very responsive to questons.
  8. WhiteRice's Avatar
    oh, just a heads up in case any one wants to keep up with my progress, I am just editing the original blog entry, I dont know if it updates you at all.
  9. WhiteRice's Avatar
    When I'm looking at the products what do I have to look at, I see a hole bunch of parts that I dont know.
  10. tbplus10's Avatar
    Not sure how they assembled the panels on that model truck so I couldnt give ya any tips there.
    As for the axle it really depends on how much you want to spend and how built up you want the axle, Currie ent. has some of the most bullet proof Dana axles around, and a hefty price too.
    If it were me I'd start sourcing one from a wrecking yard, some of the older 1 ton trucks (this is customizing so theres no time to be whiney about what mfgr truck the axle comes out from under) Ford, GM, and Dodge used Dana 60's.
    Depending on the model front axle you want you may look under the front of the same trucks for those parts too.
    The nice thing about Currie is if you can afford the price the axle will be built to your specs with spring pads, gearing, brakes, etc exactly as you want it. Currie doesnt skimp on parts so they produce a superior product.
  11. WhiteRice's Avatar
    Yep, should be posting some new pictures here in the next week as I just got that big dent on the passenger side repaired. I am going to start with the interior door panels, speaking of which, is it possible to not only remove the door panels but to disassemble the door panel it self. I am going to use some heavy duty scratch resistant vinyl paint to change the dash and door panels to black instead of replacing them. Also where is a good place to purchase a dana axle.
  12. tbplus10's Avatar
    Wondered where ya got to Whiterice, looks like a great platform to start a project on cant wait to see how things progress.
    Sounds like you did a little intelligence gathering and came back with a plan.