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Blog about your ride, especially project trucks and other vehicles. Keep the world updated. You are better off asking for help in the forums though.

  1. 1 Pissed off Pooch

    Hey all the other day we shot some video and stills of the Dirty dog as i am sure you have seen by now...
    Well it all started we had a great day of work and ended early, so we decided to go out and play a little, with the truck and the iPhone... Well we went out to one of our mix piles its about 3000 yards of sand piled up. well Mystic followed us out to the yard, and we took some stills and messed around a bit.. well the the mix pile is located at the far south west conner of our yard and ...

    Updated 04-07-2012 at 07:37 AM by Dirty Dog

    My Ride
  2. Holly CHit!!!!!!

    You wouldn't believe this even if a played you the recording ,,,,,, but its's messed up.... yesterday i was getting ready to write a blog!! the title was to be #1 Pissed off Poach!!!!!. and i was busy at work trapped in the office, feeling the banker accountant supplier spring time blues........ and was hiring staff and conducting interviews threw out the day... this meant no going to the shop to play... its really to eerily to go work in the field. so had too stay home and plan ,,,, figure....... ...

    Updated 04-07-2012 at 12:05 PM by Dirty Dog

    My Ride
  3. Diablew Tuning II

    Well I've finally installed the first of Lew's tunes! So far it has definitely improved the performance of the truck! The stock Trinity 87 Octane tune was a lot more aggressive on the shift points (VERY hard shifting), where as Lew's tune has smoothed out the shifting. He may have smoothed it out, but it still shifts a LOT more quickly than stock! I've also noticed a more smooth engine performance throughout the RPM range, which is nice! I'm expecting a slight MPG gain because of this, ...
  4. Technology is really Technofallogy

    Ok I am getting old and i feel surpassed by this tech thing,,, I can fix almost anything that has gears, oil, moving parts. The last few weeks has be crazy, a learning curve i never thought i would actually have to deal with at my age.. it all started about two weeks ago, when i wanted to post some pics on my favourite site, Now I know how to use the internet and I know that the information super Highway is on the inter net,,, I heard this.. But i must have turned left when i should have ...
    My Ride
  5. Little Yellow car, Big dog, Bigger truck (A dogs life, A dogs truck)

    So I was in the city yesterday, had to pick up some parts and visits a few friends , i Was on the main drag in the city centre when this small yellow japanese sports car rolls up beside me, You know the type of car i am talking about , with the fancy un-understadable graffiti graphic package, a racen wale tail and a ground effects package. Which in my opinion is a waist of time and money here in our area of the country, as to the roads are 90% gravel grids and the 10% of black top are riddled with ...

    Updated 03-28-2012 at 11:57 AM by Dirty Dog

    My Ride
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