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Blog about your ride, especially project trucks and other vehicles. Keep the world updated. You are better off asking for help in the forums though.

  1. 2009 GMC Serria roller rohanksckers

    I have a 2009 serria 4.8 ltr. Does any one out there know if this engine has roller rockers? What ratio they are??? Thanks!
  2. Diablew Tuning I

    I finally received my Trinity a few days back, and immediately started tinkerin with it! After talkin with Lew, I went ahead and installed the 87 Octane tune to get a baseline. Boy what a difference that makes already! At this point, I'm not too interested in what MPG gain I've received, as I can't keep my foot off the gas at this point! The shifting has become a lot more aggressive and responsive! I'm giddy to think of what the next few weeks will be like, as I continue to refine the tune ...
  3. Truck CSI,,,, Nose Prints, DNA(dogs nasal accidents) & muddy paws

    So i did a little cleaning today vacuumed the carpets wiped down the leather seats and did the windows, inside and out, was looking perky sweet, when a bud rolls in the yard so a coffee break sounds like the right thing to do on a sunday, so we head into the shop coffee shop area and have a few coffees and chat for an hour or so.
    Good time for a sunday, a little work, and rest a visits from a old friend, and a clean truck what more could one ask for?
    I returned to the truck to finnish ...

    Updated 03-26-2012 at 05:58 AM by Dirty Dog

    My Ride
  4. A Dogs Life, a dogs truck

    Hey all , I decided to start a blog today since it snowed last night while i was sleeping and that put a damper on my plans for the day, its Saturday and thats always been the day to wash, wax and detail the rides. So here i am with my dog Mystic who faithfully hangs with me while i detail my trucks waiting impenitently for me to finnish, so she can take her seat on the show and shine ride.......
    Now she is curled up at my feet by the desk, wondering if she will get to go for her normal sat ...
    My Ride
  5. Diablew Programmer Decisions!

    I finally have the extra cash to pull the trigger on a Diablo programmer from Lew! I get to Lew's page to order the Trinity, and what do I find? He now offers the inTune as well! Now that made me pause, as I like the Trinity, but savin $200 on an inTune instead is quite tempting! Figure I'm gonna hold off over the weekend to think about it, and make a decision next week. I'll letcha know what I finally decide upon!
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