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  1. Technology is really Technofallogy

    Ok I am getting old and i feel surpassed by this tech thing,,, I can fix almost anything that has gears, oil, moving parts. The last few weeks has be crazy, a learning curve i never thought i would actually have to deal with at my age.. it all started about two weeks ago, when i wanted to post some pics on my favourite site, Now I know how to use the internet and I know that the information super Highway is on the inter net,,, I heard this.. But i must have turned left when i should have ...
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  2. Vacation Trip

    OK...truck is all fueled up, all fluids changed. Two speed gearbox to help going up grades and better mileage on the flats. 1,400 miles at 15mpg. $4.50 a gal in s. ca. Looks like $4.00 a gal. from San Francisco on up. If I can keep my foot out of it the gas shouldn't be to bad (gasp!!) When we get home it will be time to install a 6 gauge instrument cluster. silver dash accents and...maybe a train horn!
  3. Me Oh My Wasn't That a Party.........

    hey every one.... long day today,,,, I woke up it was raining cold and nasty out side... so i went to back to bed..
    when i reawaken it was sunny and the temp was rising .... so i went out to fix the exhaust on the old Kabota Trctor... 8 bolts new parts will be a breeze.. been soaking the bolts with BOLTOUT,,, for a week now,,,, twice a day....
    first five slick as baby goose snit .... snapped the last three on the first pull on the ratchet..... so sad so mad....
    now i eased all ...
  4. Little Yellow car, Big dog, Bigger truck (A dogs life, A dogs truck)

    So I was in the city yesterday, had to pick up some parts and visits a few friends , i Was on the main drag in the city centre when this small yellow japanese sports car rolls up beside me, You know the type of car i am talking about , with the fancy un-understadable graffiti graphic package, a racen wale tail and a ground effects package. Which in my opinion is a waist of time and money here in our area of the country, as to the roads are 90% gravel grids and the 10% of black top are riddled with ...

    Updated 03-28-2012 at 11:57 AM by Dirty Dog

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  5. 2009 GMC Serria roller rohanksckers

    I have a 2009 serria 4.8 ltr. Does any one out there know if this engine has roller rockers? What ratio they are??? Thanks!