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  1. New Wheels

    Check out these new wheels and tires my boyfriend found on Craigs List..... $200....AWESOME!!!Name:  2012 cell phone 1349.jpg
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  2. Vinyl Bumper Wrap?

    Quote Originally Posted by nikkeshelton View Post
    You can do it! I first tried a 6'x5' sheet and failed miserably! So I started practicing on small parts, you will learn from you mistakes. But by doing small parts first the loss is small. But you will find that you will succeed more time than not. I did my steering wheel inserts next and they came out fine. Them I attempted my dash and it went frustrated a few times but by going slow and doing small you will learn the tricks that will help for bigger stuff. I'm doing my rear chrome
  3. Truck modifications

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  4. vinyl wrap

  5. 2003 Suburban Instrument Cluster Problem causing Transmission slipping issues ?

    2003 Suburban 5.3L 4x4

    Original cluster had bad stepper motors and was replaced under warranty at dealer in 2008. The needles went all over the place parked or running.

    Replacement cluster ran perfect until it 2 weeks ago. This time it was not jumpy needles going 140 mph etc., all dark no needle readings (all pegged at 0) no idiot lights except the check engine light check upon startup, it goes on and then goes off when started. The illumination lighting goes on, lighting ...