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  1. startup of a broken 5,7

    last winter, I parked my 98 suburban 5,7 Vortec for the winter as I bought the 03 burb.
    in Norway it gets cold at winterm, and as my waterpump was broken i thought I was smart, as it was to cold for me to bother change it .....stupid me !
    So, I drained it for water.....well.....I thought it was all drained, but apparently there was some water left in it, because this autumn when I was supposed to take it to the control authority for check and approval, I disovered water ...
  2. the rescue.....icy roads

    My girlfriend, our 2 kids and myself had been enjoying the weekend at were I have my caravan, nice weekend, nice weather, mild with 8 degrees celsius.
    We were heading back home, and my girlfriend with my son ( 8 years old) were driving in front of me.
    There is a road section which is pretty much always icy and slippery, and yesterday no exception. before we drove off I told her to be careful, well, she has only had her lisens for 26 days, hehe.
    Off we drove, My daughter ...
  3. The start of a blog....maybe

    Today, after returning home from a meeting, I picked up my truck after a quick stop at the workshop.
    I had `till the end of November to fix it, to have it approved. Need to take it for control every year.
    2 findings last control, which they fixed now.
    replaced the front ball joint assemblies, upper and lower as they were not able to get off the lower ones (Which were the ones that were worn), so, replaced all.
    And the second thing, replaced both shock absorbers ...
  4. Brakes are Done

    I finally replaced the rubber brake hoses on the Suburban that were dry rotting on me at a quick pace. They hadn't given me any trouble yet, but I didn't want to risk a brake hose failing on me while driving. I also emptied the brake system of as much of the old fluid as I could, as it was likely 18 years old. It was a severe pain to complete because the hoses went THROUGH the frame on the front and were hard to get to. Bled the brakes. The pedal feels about like it was before the work, which seems ...
  5. Audio Book Recommendarion - Bob Dole - One Soldier's Story

    I picked up the audio book version of Bob Dole's WWII memoir called "One Soldier's Story". WOW is all I can say.

    Dole recounts his upbringing, his time at KU and then the beginning of the war. He was moved around and eventually entered the war as a 2nd Lt. in Italy as part of the 10th mountain division.

    Dole was hit with machine gun fire because he insisted that he lead his group by being in front during several assualts. His road to recovery was extremely long ...