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  1. started the box

    Well I don't quite have all of my material together yet for the entire build up, but I couldn't wait to get started on this new project. I will be doing this despite not having my shop any longer or a table saw or currently a router but I may not be able to stand the square edges and I need to go buy a new router anyway.

    It will eventually contain two cerwin-vega vmax 12" subwoofers and be molded under the rear seat and will retain all functions of seat. The front face will stretch ...
  2. So let's have a looksee what the Suburban needs..

    Ok, I'm bored this morning and so I figured I'd list everything that's wrong with the Suburban, things that need to be changed, things I'd like to change, and upgrades I want to give it. This may take a while....

    So I bought the Suburban with a few issues. Mostly all cosmetic... so all the mechanical stuff has got me beat. Here's my complete list in general order of how it all needs to be done:

    • A complete tune up (plugs, wires, distributor, rotor)
    • It appears
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  3. So let's start from the start, seeing as it's come up in a post

    My background in anything automotive:

    One of my earlier vehicles was the '74 RoadRunner. Best car I've ever own. Fun car on the whole, great fun to drive, and great fun to work on! I loved popping the hood and being able to point to things and say "there's the carb, there's the alternator, there's the water pump, there's the starter.."

    Not only were things easy to identify, but it was easy to work on! Everything thing was *there*, and accessible! In installed ...

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  4. Towing a trailer nightmare

    Hello all, I'm new to this wonderful club and need some assistance.. I have CK2500 HD Silverado 5.7 L 4WD Crew Cab with a 4 speed AT. I use this truck to tow a 7,500 to 8,000 lb trailer and have so many problems going up hills. The transmission will not downshift until I reach about 25-30 mph. I'm on the throtle to the floor and the AT will not dowshift.
    I've talked to so many people including the dealer and they cannot find a solution. The AT works fine and the engine is working great but ...
  5. Truckputer Installed

    After probably a year working on getting the truckputer installed, I finally got it done. I had acquired all the parts for the build probably close to a year ago and just had to build the center console to house it all. However, I don't have the neccesary skills or tools to build it myself, so I worked with my uncle to build the console. That's what held everything up for so long. Over the Thanksgiving holidays we both had time to work on it, so we did. While it didn't come out as perfect as I would ...
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