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  • How To: Homemade Silverado turn signal mirrors

    I just finished installing these today, I had made them quite some time ago using the glass from my truck's original mirrors. I found that if you drill through the black plastic backing the mirror glass and remove the adhesive foam goes, you can put LEDs behind the mirror glass and have them shine right through.

    I used LEDs I had sitting around from the old 3rd brake light for my canopy. (They aren't great, so thats probably why a tiny little brake light needed 30+ LEDs). This means you can't really see them in the daylight, but they are cool in the dark. I can put up with this considering it didnt cost me anything to do it.
    Here's a video:

    And a picture of the glass when not lit: (Note that these are completely stealth with no cirles in the reflective surface like the factory mirrors)
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    1. pmf608's Avatar
      pmf608 -
      Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think its cool that this thread somehow made its way to the front page of the site too!
    1. ntbush83's Avatar
      ntbush83 -
      Yeah man this is sweet! You may have just saved a lot of people a ton of money! Including myself!
    1. Tj07classic's Avatar
      Tj07classic -
      if you go to any good hobby store you can get really bright l.e.d.s and they have different colors too. nice job on the mirror i will do the same ting now that i know thanks again.
    1. Als09Sierra's Avatar
      Als09Sierra -
      Looks great and I like the cost. How did you wire the lights? Is there power coming in for the signal or did you power in the cab?
    1. pmf608's Avatar
      pmf608 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Als09Sierra View Post
      Looks great and I like the cost. How did you wire the lights? Is there power coming in for the signal or did you power in the cab?
      Because mine is an 01, there is no existing signal wiring as that was not available until 2003. I believe that some (not sure about all) 2003+ trucks with power mirrors will have wiring to the mirrors already in place for this.

      For the 99-02 trucks, you can get your power from the BCM under the dash. The power can be had from the brown plug, and the pins were B6 and B7. The light blue wire is for the left signal light. Dark blue is for the right signal. I tapped power from there, ran it to the doors, and grounded the lights to the bolts that are used to mount the mirrors to the doors.

      If you have a 2003-2007 classic, I have also looked up that information for you. It is even easier on the newer trucks, as long as you have power mirrors already. If not, I'm not sure how to wire these since there is no signal at the BCM that I could see. For those that do, the driver side signal can be had from the light blue wire in pin 11 of the black plug on the bottom of your door switches (driver door module). For the passenger side mirror, get your power from the dark blue wire in pin 26 of your switches (front passenger door module).

      I don't have access to wiring diagrams for 2007+ trucks, but if I'm not mistaken, I have read that the signal power is available at the door modules for the mirrors. All you would have to do to find out is pop you switches out from the top of the door panel and test wires with a multimeter to see if any of them work for turn signals. Since GM seems to like light blue on the left and dark blue on the right, I would suggest starting with those ones. If anyone test this or knows whether signal power is available on these trucks, post it up here for everyone else to know.
    1. grantwashington's Avatar
      grantwashington -
      dang thats cool im going to try that out, thanks
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