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  1. look on craigslist I find lots of great deals there.
  2. Thanks Man
    Ill keep my eye out!
    Thanks, Ill keep you updated!
  3. An XJ.
    They can be found under a $1000, with many listed btwn $500 and $900.
    A Grand 44 r/r is bolt on for XJ's. Be careful some Grand 44's were built with aluminium center sections that are junk. XJ's and YJ's came with 44's, hard to find but available.
    The 5.9 is ok, works good if you stack transfer cases, for trail work it burns lots of fuel and doesnt run well at low RPM's, it likes higher RPM's, which means spinning tires and breaking parts.
    The 4.0 and 258 I6's are great for crawlers because of the low end.
    Grands are heavy, wide, long, with long overhangs front and rear, long wheel base causes problems trail running.
    I'd look for a 79-85 straight axle Toyota truck or 4 Runner (84/5), an 86-94 Toyota truck or 4 runner, or an XJ with the I-6 from 86 to late 90's. I'd avoid XJ's with 2.8 V-6's.
    Toyota's cost more, but have more parts options and work well on trails. XJ's are easier to find and you could probably even afford to have a spare parts truck.
  4. I have looked at Samie's before, most seem to need work that is over my head or out of my price range.
    As far as XJ's go im not sure if that what I want, but I do know that I could build a cheep one.
    If I went with a Cherokee I would want to find one of those Grand Cherokee Limited's with the 5.9 and dana 30 in front and 44 rear.

    What do you think the cheapest trail rig I could buy/fixup would be?
  5. If you want to get started with a cheep offroad vehicle look for a Suzuki Samurai, GEO Sidekick, or a Jeep Cherokee, all these trucks can be found cheep on the market and theres lots of aftermarket parts out for them.
    A lot of the Cherokee parts can be used on Wranglers and CJ's if you decide to buy one later.
    Look at Jeep Speed sometime and see what those guys are doing with the Cherokee's.
  6. that would be nice!

    I would like to buy a "Cheep Jeep" this spring and wheel it this summer, but im not sure if that will happen.
  7. Yea I go out about 3 to 4 times a year. Mostly for the round-ups and competition runs. I was competing in U-rock crawling competion out there until earlier this year, got to busy at work.
    Maybe this coming year things will slow at work and i can play more.
  8. lol you posted that on your own profie

    i knew i had heard of it before but could not think of the name!!

    do you still go out there?
  9. What is the name of the OffRoad Park in Gilmer called??
    (I saw a pic of the toyota in a post)
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