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  1. thanks again on the info about the warranty its a huge help
  2. Dealership's can also request arbitration between themselves and manufacturer's for payment on warranty work, but this isnt a wise move on their part normally because if they piss off the manufacturer they start having problems with manufacturer support for sales, stock, and or future warranty work pay offs.

    I worked with Toyota Motor Corp. parts for 2 years and got to know the system well enough to know warranty work can be a dealerships biggest nightmare and something they dont want to deal with but to keep dealership accredidation and in accordance with federal regulations they have to offer warranty repair.
  3. Many dont know their rights about warranties and accept the dealership's word, if they forced the issue and took it to arbitration they would more than likely get the issue covered by warranty.

    One part most people dont understand about warranty work is that when a shop performs warranty work the shop is reimbursed by the manufacturer for parts, at dealer cost, and labor usually at a cost of 20% to 30% less than the normal shop rate, so the hours a given mechanic is conducting warranty work are considered non profitable hours, the dealership usually breaks even on that time and parts.

    Additionally every warranty repair is reviewed by the manufacturer for validity, the manufacturer decides if it was a valid warranty repair or not. If not the dealership has to eat the cost of the repair parts and labor, unless they can make you believe the work wasnt covered by warranty.
  4. Correct.

    The Magnusen Moss Act covers any warrantied item on the vehicle, it places the burden of proof on the dealership performing the warranty work. They have to prove your modification caused the failure. Also under a manufacturers warranty you arent limited to going to the dealer that sold you the vehicle, you can go to any shop associated with that particular manufacturer.

    Non manufacturer speciality or extended warranties are completely different and carry different stipulations that usually have outline proceedures for warranty work in the fine print.
  5. thank u for the info on if a body lift will void the warranty, that Magnusen Moss Warranty Act is a big help, so a suspension lift would NOT void the warranty either right? unless they could prove the altercations caused the problem?
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