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  1. The sway bar bushing and end-link kit I bought came to be about $40 after tax and shipping, but I later found that AutoZone carries Energy Suspension stuff, so you may be able to get it there without having to pay shipping. It is definitely worth the money in my opinion. It helped my ride and handling significantly!
  2. I would tend to lean towards saying magnaflow will give you better performance and a good sound. As far as how loud, the loder the better. I almost put cutouts in but I didn't wnt to push it.
  3. There is something about having fresh shiny parts on your truck that feels good. How much do the kits run. Ive been wanting to lift the front of my truck about 2 inches but for some reason, a set of 2 inch leveling spacers run about $250.
  4. That sounds awesome man! I'm leaning toward the magnaflow because I don't want anything too loud, but I definitely want the deep rumble. Yours sounds sweet!
  5. Here is what my Flowmasters sound like. You said you were looking for an cat back system, this is what your truck would sound like with FMs I got the FM 40s because they are supposed to be the most aggressive sounding FMs, although I here nothing but good stuff about MagnaFlow.
  6. I know....pretty sweet,huh? I think the image was created by computer though. If you really look at it its lines are too perfect.
  7. Dude, the 09 Camaro is sick!! It would be sweet if the Z28 was really going to have a motor like that!
  8. I was thinking you would like this pic.
  9. Well, it only helped my mileage about .5 mpg, but it definitely gave it some more go power. According to the website, it adds about 11 hp to my truck. It makes it sound better too! I plan on getting exhaust next, then a Hypertech Max E-Con to boost my mileage....when I can afford it all!
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