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  1. cool man, u have been busy. sorry about ur folks getting a divorce & all! hope u can get ur dmax soon, its good that u have a girl that has went through all of this with ya, hope everything works out. i just bought a house, got married in oct.finally gotta job, looking for another 1, hoping to get 1 with a toyota dealership!
  2. How has your year been?
  3. own which tanked then i lived very poor for about 3 months from sept till december or so then i graduated hs early in january and did some job hopping and about 2 monts ago started running another guys mowing business and decied i hated it and about a month ago i moved out of my moms house to my own apartment and started working at an auto shop doin state inspections and mechanic work. and in may of last year i met a girl i have been with through all this and plan on proposing to her in the fall.
  4. no that was an april fools joke lol yeah i have had aloottttt of things happen since i talked to you which i guess was a litte over a year ago
    as you know i am 18(now) but living at home parents divoriced which screwed things up alot and i had to give up the gmc in order to not loose my jeep and then i broke an axle in it and had to sell and then bought a 92 ford diesel tranny went out sold it bought another 92 ford diesel sold it got a tricked out 97 dodge ram and its now for sale and im geting a newer dmax and over the course of that truck trading and selling i ran that mowing business i worked at when i last talked to you till august got into it with the owner and started ..........
  5. things r good, i didnt know that u were chevyless, havent heard from u in a while! i just got an email that said this "
    Sorry everyone for the short notice, but I made a decision to shut down after a lot of soul searching.
    You can read more about it on the website. Thanks and God Bless everyone. to shut down >>"
    so if thats true, then im not too happy about it!
  6. Hey man great! things are finnaly turning around
    and im going to get a chevy again and have time to get back on here
    hows thins w you
  7. hey man, how ya been?
  8. nope, not yet!
  9. Cool did ya get a new job?
  10. doing pretty good, a bit bored, ready to go to work!
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