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Conversation Between Springthing and JMoney02

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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope all is well, since your not posting anything, Again another New Year since we've talked, get with me if you can! Hope you have little Snow,Ha...
  2. Bro, Contact me and let me know your alive and well... Call, email,send something, can't find your email address and see you have not been like me..
  3. Hey Sarge, HA. Happy New Year, hope your family is good and miss you all. Been to long but still the same, new truck
    new Harley, new granddaughter, same old me, you? We will meet again, I hope.....
  4. Peace my Homie, stay focused, stay in line, keep the faith, it's all small sh.. and I don't believe it either......let me know, Hugs to all of you....
  5. Dude, I can not believe it has been this long since I have written you!!!!! I am sorry, I really do miss writing the late nights back when we met and now with so much and the meeting for lunch, I still owe you one to come visit. I also find it hard to get here, time does not permit it! Can you email at with your telephone number so at the very least we can chat? I still somehow would like to keep in touch with the both of. The wife asked me the other day if I had written, Nope, she said thats not good, they are nice peps! I/we like to come see your homestead, even for the day when apssing to the kids house? So, let me know what ya think? Hope all is well since last, I can try to help you over the phone and skype, what about that? The look here has really cahnged, man what a difference.
  6. So it was challange to change them but got it right. Now that girl screams some music... Hope all the kids are good, moose still growling and the truck still rolling. Drop me a line if ya can,peace out Bro....Sorry had to add this seperate,cause you guys got a limit on Lines, what a crooked site you run,Ha.
  7. What Up!!!! I have been busy still and even more since I've pick up extra side work and need the money to fill up my savings account again since my kids want all my money,HA! How you and the wife doing these days? I see that you have gone droid also,me too! I got the Epic 4 by Sprint with the whole 9 yards and I must say that do like the thing....I still have no time for here, when I wrote last I was trying to redo my Profile and pictures and still have not gotten to it. I am working tonight and got a little time to write and read,been busy here with all the upgrades.. I do miss chatting with you though,hope we can get back to that sometime. Things are good,trucks are good,replaced all the speakers and subwoofer in the Burb,needed the woofer,completely rotted so I did them all. Polk Audio and I must say that it sounds KILLER, did even know I had tweeters in the back pillars until I had to change the sub.
  8. Hey Jeff good to hear from you. I'd done a little disappearing act of my own so it's not biggy. Keeping in touch can flow both ways so I'm to blame as well. I have a wife that's been in your state for a few months now. Working on the opposite coast as you but I've been down a few times to visit. I'm trying to get the truck back up and running so it's a road-trip machine again. I have been trying to get stuff diagnosed and fixed on it but it seems every time I go to do something there's something else that needs to be done first. Sooooo....wheel bearing assemblies, calipers, proportioning valve then a new motor. yikes! Hopefully I'll be out that way before a few months. We'll see..only time will tell!

    Again, good to hear from you. It seems we had been consistent with the monthly checking in. I know how things go, though...mind gets side-tracked and life goes on! Toodles, buddy. Hugs to the Mrs. for me
  9. Bro, Sorry I have not had any communications in a LONG LONG TIME with you, have not even set foot on here since almost a year ago. Shutdown here, not sure why except that I have little time with all other things going on around the house, projects, our trucks and so on. I have NOT forgotten our friendship and would still like to hook up again if possible, when, I do not know????
    I will email your personnel account and keep in touch that way for now and here when I get on. Hope that is still good with you? Everything is good, all are well and doing great. Have a granddaughter who just turned one on the 30th of July, she is great and got to see them all over the 4th of July on vacation in your state.... Sorry again for falling off the earth, but I will return...

  10. Dude, I also have the same feelings, but I did miss your B-Day, sorry! HBD. I have been back working private jobs, need the cash, the kids and expenses are killing me, HA. I hope that you and your family have a great XMAS, hope you get all the things you want. Me, I just want the 80+ degrees back cause this cold is BullSh..... I really am sorry that I can not contribute here, but there is only one of us as you know, and he has things to do, see ya..........I will write or email me or I will email you......Happy Holidays......
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