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  1. Jeff- Hey there, nice to hear from you. I've been kind of scarce around here for the past few months, as you can probably tell! I'm trying to get back on and find some time but it seems when I have time I'm not in the mood at all and when I'm in the mood I don't have any time! Things are going well, though. Got to go to SEMA again this year, the truck is running well, the mustang is still begging for an engine swap, the alfa romeo is STILL in the shop, after a year and a half (though it should be coming out before the new year) and christmas is in full swing here! Hope you and the Mrs. are doing well. Glad to hear you got to spend some time with your youngest. Will try to keep up a little more often!
  2. Bro, Happy October, time flies don't it? Just saw you guys awhile back, hope your weather holds a little longer. My Son says its getting cold where he's at in MO.....Our youngest was home from Afgan......Safe and visited for two weeks, worked on his car since it was stored for six months...Was really nice to see him, hope all of yours are good, still finishing, will be back soon, but get checking when I can... Jeff
  3. Well, good for you, sounds like it was a success. Sorry I have not been here either, been working to replenish my funds, you know new roof, money for the kids, money for the kids and more money for the kids. So I went back to some handy work. I have finished my stuff, so make some cash. Had to have some dentistry done, so that has made me feel a little older. But, still gettin' it you know. I hope your summer has been good to all of you as well, you know I will keep in touch, will also be back here to get back at things.... Keep the Faith......
  4. Yo Dude.... Hope your trip was a success and the time was great to you all! Did you stop on the way in to the RP guy for some FU?(followup you dirty man....,.HA). Been busy again, new roof and more insulation. Working on new teeth and the wife is finsihing her Cosmetic visists and will be done here shortly with that, thanks God, she looks great. Hope we can start to chat again shortly, I will return....
  5. Happy after the Fourth Dude...... Happy mto say me and thw wife did work but finished everything Friday about 1:30pm and the had the rest of the time to ride, hang out, used the hell out of the pool(No Rain) and had a feast for just the two of us, was real nice. Hope you guys had a great time, no events and the weather was good for you all as well.......
  6. Thought I posted a message to you, I know I did, but not sure where it went? I really need to get to the Burban, needs brakes,l found a leak under the drivers carpet, I sealed the EBrake cable boot, thought that was the problem but found a little wet again? Hated electrical and water problems, they are a pain.
  7. Yes, I have been busy, since I am off weekends for the next six weeks, found 50 inches of soffet that rotted and had to replace and found that the sheeting for the roof there was rotted, so I/we have been dealing with roofers. Metal/Shingles? Cost verses long term, you know and yes we do miss you also " as he blows his nose with a kleenex".
  8. Nice start to the Pics of the RP's, I understand now how the brackets and blocks operate, seems to be well designed product, still happy with them?
  9. "Ted the Head" man that is the balst from the past, but a good one, I like It..... Let me know about the insulation, go to Lowes and buy the coccoon and rent the machine for free, after purchasing 20 bags. Works real good and easy to handle, but your wife or some will need to feed the machine...... You can DO it......
  10. Ok, where is the Profile Picture from? Look's good.........All settled in now that your home?
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