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  1. Thanks for the props spring... I dont claim to be any kind of expert but i do try to help when i can... As to the AC controller.. Thanks to your write up i figured out one part of the AC problem with my truck and know the reason for it. I was having intermittent Fan speed increases.. I hit the switch a couple of times after reading your write up and wouldnt you know messing with it actually made it work right.
    To bad im in the middle of a porch rebuild (jerk that owned the place before me didnt have a clue!!) and Trying to get some fishing done. Also upgrading my wifes Lumina to an LT lumina before the guy i found with parts takes the whole car to the junk yard (less than $200 and i have the Steering wheel audio controls, Factory CD player, Dual Zone Climate control, Power bucket seats, Tach cluster, New pwr window switches, and a few little odds and ends so major SCORE!)... So somehow my truck needs to get work done in there..
  2. HAHA that would require me to be allowed a weekend off. I just had my first weekend off in 4 months and my last weekend for another 2-3 months........ And yeah we could for sure slap it in.. Ill get the duct tape......
  3. btw - the reman engine with warranty comes from Question is...if I have it shipped to your place and drive up there...think we could install it in a weekend? How much do you charge?
  4. Actually spent $1000 on a 95 Lumina (probably worth 2to 3times that since it has low miles (60K) and everything works and is in great shape)... And it left me with plenty!!!!
  5. Car for the wife...ok...$695 for a used ford aerostar...that leaves you plenty!
  6. Yep means more go fast goodies.. Well i actually used the money to buy my wife a used car, since we would have needed to share and that wouldnt have worked with our schedules.. But yes there are parts on the horizon now!! its gonna be great!
  7. Woohoo!! I know what a sold 1988 3/4 ton projects for the 1998 truck! Woooott!!!
  8. HAHAA.. Sorry dont mean to laugh at your misfortune. Its HOT here to for MN.. its 92degrees up here right now. One of the few days of the year that i work inside.. I have AC in my house so that is nice. And when i was living in Ga my AC did the same thing on a wonderful 100 plus day (the temp in my house peaked at just over 103degrees, and never got below 95 not good sleeping temp).. So i know and feel your pain..
    As for fun an exciting.. Work!! thats about it.. Oh and my 1988 3/4ton sold last night. Finally out of my hair.
  9. What's going on in your part of the world lately? Anything fun and exciting? Liiiiiike...say... oh I dunno... the two hottest days of the summer, with temperatures over 100 degrees and THIS is the time the A/C in your house decides to fail. leaving you at the end of a long waiting list of other folks that inundated the A/C repair companies for the past few days?

    Oh, I'm sorry.....that's me, not you... pffffffffffffft!!!!!!

    *goes off mumbling and grumbling*"....EVERY friggin year this happens...if it's not the compressor it's the fan, if it's not that it's the coils, if it's no-.........."
  10. They actually came from eBay. I tried finding the seller at some point but found he had left ebay. I think lmctruck or......oh....I don't think Summit... but I saw the grill on a website some time back. I think it was LMC.

    The grill and lights came as a package. It was a quick enough swap out with no need to do much other than some light electrical/wiring/splicing. Do a search for the word "rover" and you'll find my original post on it with the look of the front of the truck without the push bar which, in my opinion brought it all together. The front end was naked without it all.
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