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  1. Sweet. Thanks again.

  2. Here is the link for the valance:

    It uses a set of 510 series lights, or in normal terms a standard 6" off road light. The catch is they have to be slim lights, regular round off road lights will not work because they won't clear the frame. You could get the bumper and a set of real nice lights for about $300, but you would have to have that painted unless you like the flat black it comes in.
  3. Thanks. I just remember a slim set, but I will heed your warning. I did check out the Quattros. A little busy for the Burb, but they might look good in the old 89.
    You mentioned PIAA has a valance, or a light that fits in the valance? How do I look that up?
  4. I've had KC's as well, but ,y only problem with them is there wiring harnesses. They are under rated for what they pull, I had three sets of there lights and all three harnesses caught fire and the switches actually melted. That is why I won't buy them any more, I even talked to them at Summit Racing when they were a supporting vendor. The guy just told me and my dad that was normal when running a 130 watt light, that wasn't too cool by us and we vowed never to buy from them again. If you do buy some KC's make sure you upgrade the switches at least, they only give you a 5 amp switch . We had to go to a 40 amp switch from painless wiring to handle the lights, just a little head's up.
  5. Thanks for the info. I think KC had a slim line model, too, so that'll be my next search.
    You and your PIAA's!! Those Quattros will be too much, but I was VERY pleased with the warranty, as you may recall. I get to searchin' and see what I find.
    Thanks, again!
  6. Well my 1st choice that is actually vehicle specific for the 99-07 classic Silverado, would be the PIAA Quattro lamps. They have an 85 watt high beam bulb, a 55 watt yellow fog bulb and a built in turn signal plus a blue series vanity bulb. I actually just bought a set for my truck today for $300, other than that the OEM would be an option but they would cost just as much. If I remember right I think Pilot has lights that will fit in that spot, and they are under $100 for the set. Sorry I couldn't be of more help on that, I tend to spend a ton of money on lights LOL!

    Another thing that makes those hard to find is the size being rectangular, it would be so easy if it was a round hole for the lights. Another crappy idea from Chevy, but PIAA does make the lower valance for that truck that accepts a set of 6" lights instead of the square one's. That was what I had on my old truck, except mine was meant for 4" fog lights.
  7. Oh, light guru... Do you know of a decent driving light that is narrow enough to fit in the tow hook hole of an 02 Suburban / Silvy? I want to add some to my wife's truck.

    Thanks, Amy!
  8. No problem. I'll keep looking.
  9. I told you I'd keep an eye out. These were in South Bend, or Ft. Wayne, I don't remember now.
    good luck,
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