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  1. Thanks for checking in! I know how the back burner thing goes, one toy takes over for the other one. I am glad to hear that your bike is still coming along good, I will have to check out that website when I get a chance. I have been working a ton of overtime and haven't been on as much either, other than that I have been doing well so far! See ya round hopefully!
  2. Hey how have you been? yes it has been a very long time since I been on here. the truck is on the back burner kind of. I am making really good progress with my chopper. So is where I been hiding at. I seen a truck last night on 271 like mine but it was lifted and had big tires and the fender flares and it was frakin fast. It gave me a horrible itch to do mine lol lol lol. So i figured I would stop on here to see whats been up with everybody.
  3. Merry christmas!

    How's your bike coming along, i wondered if you ever finished it any more?
  4. Yeah I figured you would get a 300 series tire for the back, that will be perfect on there. I can't wait to see some of the finished pieces done in the nickel and copper, sometimes nickel looks better than chrome on certain things. Hopefully we'll get to see more pics.
  5. My avatar is a picture of Dakota, she is a Siberian Husky her color is Red Agouti but she looks white in the pictures. I will change it so you can see a picture of her all grown up now, she weighs about 50 lbs. and has icy blue eyes. My weekend was pretty good, I took my Vespa out of storage although my truck is still locked away until the weather clears up all the way. I had an oil change done on the bike because It had the 625 miles required for the break-in period, the Polaris dealer charged me $80 for that oil change. They require Castrol full synthetic to operate, you can't change to regular oil because of some reason or another! I don't mind putting synthetic it in, I was just surprised at how much more the synthetic oil changes are. I learn something new everyday..........AMY
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