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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I am still looking for a set of those actually. Unfortunately my drive shaft is messed up in the truck (s10), and my exhaust system is shot so that will be a huge chunk of money.
  3. AMY!!!!!!!! Look what I found!!!! I don't know if you're still looking for a set of these wheels but I remember seeing you wanted these a while ago.
  4. Merry christmas!
  5. I'll tell you we have a ton of kids getting killed by our house, there are no street lights and very deep ditches and huge telephone poles. When I was in high school they would plant a tree for each kid that would get killed, and let's just say that the front lawn of the school was lined with trees. On prom night my junior year there were two couples flying down the road with the convertible top down on there new Mustang, they ran a stop sign and went right underneath a semi-truck and they were all decapitated. It was all over local papers, because three out of the four kids were drunk as could be.
  6. No I still have not found set of those wheels for my truck, a couple guys at work have the 2500HD's for plowing but the dummies are leaving those wheels on for the winter in turn ruining them for what I want. I even offered to buy the one guy a set of new aftermarket rims of his choice within reason, and he said he was fine with the factory ones. There was also a set I found on craigslist for $175, but they were all corroded and rusted. I was going to have them resurfaced for $100 a wheel, but the guy at the shop said that they were too far gone from the back side.

    The salvage yard wants $350 per wheel for those, because they know what they go for second hand. I am still on the prowl locally though, I just don't want to have them shipped otherwise I have found several sets on E-bay for around $600 for the set of 4.

    Talk to you later, gotta go see what's going on around here!
  7. I don't know if you've fond some yet or not but I know you love the 2500 wheels and have been looking for a set. Have you check any local salvage yards near you?
  8. Do you have a truck tent for your truck, if you don't you should really get one! The guys that parked next to us at Norwalk also had one, but they had never set one up so I ended up setting there's up too. We had a great time in that thing, next summer I will probably use it in my new truck when we go to the shows. Thanks for checking out the albums...........AMY
  9. Thanks for the compliment on my old truck, I definately agree that she was pretty! I miss that truck so bad, but this gives me an opportunity to redo another truck just like that but better.
  10. Thanks for the friend request, and I gratefully accept and look forward to talking with you.
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