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  1. Trial and error is the best way to learn electrical, my first and only mistake I have ever made was with the battery itself. I bought one of those nice billet aluminum battery covers for my yellow top optima battery, well when putting that on I had forgot to unhook the battery and I touched the plate to both the + and - terminals and boy was that an experience. I got 2nd degree burns on the palms of my hands, because I didn't let go of the plate right away. Thank god it was a dry cell battery, because otherwise I would have had an acid bath!
  2. lol i really wish i knew a lot more about it! i guess i need to mess up on a couple projects and have to fix them so i can learn how! lol because i'd have a lot more lights on my truck!!!! =]
  3. Not a problem, I am currently working on a strange setup for my S-10 so I am in the lighting mood! 9 PIAA 520 series, with dual stage bulbs high/low beam they are brand new to the market. I seriously have a lighting addiction LOL, let me know how things go on your project!
  4. well thanks a bunch for this info! if he ends up going through with this ill put pics up! Ted
  5. With PIAA they have a pre-terminated wiring harness, and I mean it is an awesome and easy setup. All you do with that is hook a hot lead to the positive side of the battery, and then ground them to the frame or wherever you choose. KC lights are a lot different, they basically have all bare wires in which you splice and crimp and splice some more. It leaves lots of room for error, and then some people will splice them in with there headlights or whatever but I never splice factory wiring. I always make sure it's reversible with no hassle, long story short wire it straight to the battery and find a good ground and that is the best way.

    Also I install a quick disconnect on the battery, so that when it sits for periods of time I can cut those off-road fog lights off and not kill the battery. Even though they are off they still pull so many amps, it only takes about 5 days for it to completely drain a battery.
  6. Would the actual install of the fixture and the harness be a lot? i installed my first set of lights on a truck last week i havent dealt much with them. is it more of a connect the wire color or is there a lot into connecting them? i know how to run the HID's just not too sure about hooking the eletricity to the truck since he currently doesnt have fog lights at all... Ted
  7. Well I am not familiar with HID's at all, but I would imagine that road would be a lot cheaper than buying an OEM or even aftermarket fog light. PIAA makes vehicle specific fog lights for a lot of cars and trucks, and PILOT makes some nice fog lights that are universal. KC Lights has some nice rectangular dual stage fog lights, meaning that it has yellow fog light beam and an intense white driving beam. They are about $200 for a set with wiring harness and everything, I like KC lights but there harness and switch are sub par. Hope this helps a little bit,.................AMY
  8. hey i know you know a lot about aftermarket lights.. my buddy is wanting to put fog lights on his truck.. he has an 06 tundra idn if it makes a difference... he already has the spots in his bumper to put the light fixture but he does not have the housing itself installed.. would it be a lot to install the housing and HID's in them?
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