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  1. You made a wise decision to buy an older truck, my dad always told me I was stupid for buying a new truck because of all the expensive electronics on them. He just gets annoyed at how a normal person can't work on them without buying a bunch of fancy tools, but I think my next truck will be a 53-57 Chevy truck stepside!!
  2. I'm not exactly sure what year the engine is, but I believe it's a 66. It is a 327 V8 I know for sure. 3 speed auto on the floor.
  3. I bet it'll look great on my truck. I'm 17, so I've got winter break to do it. I might put some in my dash too if I can Find an easy way to mount them.
  4. Glad I could help you out, can't wait to see the pics! No one else on this club has tried it yet, they are all afraid to use the EASY BAKE oven LOL! Good luck,.............AMY
  5. Thanx! I'll post some images when I get it done.
  6. Check this out, these are the exact instructions I followed to make mine. Basically if you can solder, do minor electrical and work an oven than your all set. The one's he does are for headlights, all I did was put it on a way larger scale! LOL!
  7. Sorry bout that!
    I bought two 36" acrylic blind adjustment rods for $6.00 total.
    I bought four 5mm LED's from Radio Shack for $12.00
    I bought a package of 330 ohm resistors for $0.98
    I bought a package of 4004 diodes for $1.99

    It is a very time consuming mod, but it isn't expensive at all. I will post a link for the instructions for you in just a minute, be right back!
  8. About the halos around the off road lights
  9. Are you talking about the underbody's, or something else? I have a ton of that stuff on my trucks, so I am trying to narrow it down what you meant?
  10. Does it cost much to do the lighting effects? I think that would look pretty BA on my 65 in red.
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