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  1. Alright. I'm mostly concerned about them being noticeable to other drivers. And they look pretty clean too?
  2. yea mine are excatly like that. just diff brand. they are deff noticable when you hit your brakes day and night. but not as bright as stock.
  3. Hey. I think I remember you saying you have the black out tail light covers? I'm thinking about getting some but I'm wondering how well the light shines through. Do they light up bright day and night? I'm debating between VHT Niteshades and these covers...are yours like this?
  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. heres another forum to tell you a better way of how i described, a more safe way. the way i told you is the way i did it.
  6. very simple to install. but id recomend ordering new shocks. you can utilize the stock shocks but they wont be quite as good.Jack it up by the frame. then you can remove your bolt and pull out the torsion bar key. you may have to use a rubber malot to free it up. i had to and my truck was only 3 months old at the time. either that or maybe a large screw driver to pry. note the position so you can install the new one in the same way. after you install both crank them to desired height and lower the truck. drive around the yard or parking lot what ever l settle it out then bring it back use a tape measure and measure from ground to fender on both sides. make sure its around the same. make sure to jack the front of the truck up when up make you adjustments. fiddle with it till you get the desired height. make sure you measure on level ground. and if you like you can also measure a b4 to compare with an after. and take picture see if you notice a diff.
  7. Well that sure sounds like a better deal than 300 for spacers. And you got 3" of lift out of these? Were they hard to install?
  8. it all depends on your local ford dealer and how much they are charging for the ford keys. they only use one type just get f-150 keys if you go that route. you can probably get them for around $80
  9. About how much did that run you? I'm looking into the spacers or torsion keys for my truck.
  10. the leveling kit i have is just FORD keys for the ford torsion bars. the cheapest leveling kit you can get. alot of people dont know about it.
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