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  1. 30 LED's!! Boy are you going to have fun with that, each LED has to have a resistor in line with it in order to make it function properly. I had 5mm 2300mcd LED's, and I was using a 330 ohm resistor and it worked okay. But shortly after I tried a 220 ohm resistor, and the LED was actually brighter. You want to go with the lowest ohms possible, that will let more light escape. If you put too big a load resistor in you will dim the bulb unecessarily.

    In all seriousness you could buy a third brake light cheaper than you can make one, but I know what it's like to want to make something yourself. I went to Radio Shack and talked to one of the guys, and he showed me on the back of a package of load resistors that there is a scale on how to read the different colored bands on the resistor itself. its definately confusing stuff, actually Dr. Zero who is a member on here helped me with mine.
  2. Thanks i appreciate it, hate to be a bother but do you have a formula for the LED wiring. I have 30 led's that i want to make a custom third brake light out of but cant find anywhere that says what size resistors to use. Thanks again
  3. Here's the link I followed, It takes some patience but it's not hard plus it's cheap to do! Hope this helps,.....................AMY
  4. Well lobng story short I made those halo's, I found a write up through google when I typed in "homemade halo's/angel eyes" Basically all they are is clear blind adjusters from Home Depot for $1.97 each for 36" one, and then I baked them in the oven to soften the rod until it was pliable. Then I took needle nose pliers and molded them around round object i.e. pop can, soup can and so on. Then you just cut the ends off and let it cool down, the tricky part was drilling the ends to put the LED's in. I actually drilled a hole in the side of my finger doing this, so please be careful if you do try it. I will try and find the link on how to do this, be right back!
  5. Hey there i was just wondering where you got those halo's at?
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