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Conversation Between redneckarmyMP and larryleeUSN

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  1. yea mine brought mine all the way up to the bump stops i had to lower it for a better ride but it still leveled it out. looked really good. right now the way my truck sits i can probably get another 2-3 inches out of the front bc my keys are almost all the way backed out. but i dont want to put t much strain on the front end by cranking them up. truck looks good though. good work.
  2. it looks alot better now.brought it up about 2 1/2 inches.takes hills on the trail a hell of a lot better too.hopefully ill have the money to order the 2" add-a-leafs for the rear soon and see about gettin some bigger tires
  3. flat black. yea thats pretty cool. i was thinking more like a gloss black but nit a high gloss. damn eight months. that did take a lil while to promote you. i go advanced pretty fast. but the navyis a lil diff in advancing than ya'll. we have to take a exam specific in our rate (MOS) after we wait a certain amount of time. then if you score in a certain percentage that they are allowing persons in your rate to advance then you get it, if not then you get a PNA or a fail. PNA is pass but not advanced. so its a lil diff then how ya'll do it.
  4. yea i was considering painting the whole truck flat black if i went with that look.still undecided though.its takin forever for me to get promoted to E-4.but from what i understand it takes forever for them to do anything.i was getting E-3 pay for almost 8 months before they actually promoted me
  5. hell yea. a leveling kit was the first thing i did to mine. gives it such a better stance. and i love the blacked out look. im thinking about the entire truck. take it and get it painted all black. yea i cant really complain about the Navy, i made E-5 at just over 2 years being in. pretty good money.
  6. ive got a friend that left about a year ago for the navy.havent heard much from him since.umm..i think you click on user cp up towards the top of the screen.then look along side the left side of the next on edit avatar and load your pic like you did for your album.thanks i havent got much done to it yet.i ordered a 2.5" leveling kit for it yesterday and thats probably as far as ill go on the lift til i get it paid got a pretty bad ass truck yourself.that blacked out look is what im lookin for.hopefully ill get mine done sometime soon.
  7. hell yea thats cool. im in the Navy. been in for 3 1/2 years. i have a question about the picture next to your name. for some reason i cant see how to put one up there. am i missing it or what? and nice truck. check out my pics.
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