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  1. Yeah, I did, forget the C-clamp idea, I used two channel-locks, one on each side and it worked great on the second one. They arent on the truck and they and the lift wont be until next weekend.
  2. did you finish your shocks?
  3. just take a break have a beer and I bet the next one will go alot easier!
  4. Alright thanks for all your help I got one in and had to stop cuz, well I was so mad I just had to stop.
  5. I looked on line for you, I went to a site and everyone on it said to just lube it up thatll force it to slide instead of compressing.just spit on it. or try some wd40 even, get it slick so it slides and doesnt hang up and compress. them try the clamp again I bet you can get it with alittle effort that way.
  6. I tried it but wasn't sure how to put the c-clamp on there because the bushing kept compressing and slanting sideways but i will try again, yeah skyjacker obviously doesn't put them in for you.
  7. ahay I was no where near close to what you where talking about was I? do you have a big c clamp that you could use to press it in I would try that, wet the bushing so that it'll slid into place All the shocks ive every bought had them installed already. but I think that a clamp could do what your after.
  8. this is what I'm talkin about.
    There is no way to put the bushing in then put in the metal braket, because the bushing has to stretch and once it is in the shock it can not stretch. You have to put the braket in the bushing before you put it in the shock, and i was just wondering if there was any easy way to get them both in the shock becuz I have failed in doing so.
  9. gotta pic? I just crawled under my truck to see what your asking about mines a 2000 so I dont know if its the same. but I would suggest wetting the bushing with some soapy water this will lubricate it and allow you to gently tap the shock into place in the mounting bracket. I hope this helps Im kinda going on what I think your asking, cant really know without a pic let me know if this helps or if you have other questions. Eddie
  10. Do you know any easy ways to get the upper bushings and mounting brakets into the shock easily, (it is the rear shock where the mounting braket is wider than the bushing on each side)
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