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Conversation Between tigersdl65 and 98 chevy

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  1. Well I can say it isnt gonna roar when you hammer on it. I like it because I dont wont it so loud I cant hear the radio. So go with what you want the most.
  2. Sry for the late response but I want it louder than stock...I mostly want it loud when I hammer on it. Like when I want it to be quiet it will be quit then when I want it loud it will be loud..
    It would be nice if you could send me a pic..
  3. I can get a pic but not sure about the video. I can say that it wont be loud, but when you pull off from a red light everyone around can hear you. I t is just a deep rumble, and it wont pop unless you rev it up when you are idleing. When you really get on it, it sounds more like it has a racing engine and exhaust, rather than being a truck. What do you want it to sound like? Tha t is all that matters.
  4. Hey man do you have a video of your truck running? I want to know what my truck will sound like with the V-force muffler. Or if you have a pic of the muffler installed that would be cool.
  5. Cool. I was wondering why you had pics of the lift and your truck looked like it wasn't lifted..Thanks for the link.
  6. ok there is a link, they have anything you want even glass packs. I did ever thng to my truck(brush guard, tires, exhaust, bedliner, tool box, bugsheild, rain guards) before I turned 16. Now I have a 3in susp lift that I got a few weeks ago that needs installing.
  7. Sweet man that's awesome! Do you have a link to where I can look at the V-force system? My truck has 120,000 miles on it. LOL And it still looks and runs good. That pic in my signature isn't current. I've debadged the tailgate and some other things and I took off the bug guard on the front.
  8. dude we have the same truck!!!!! If you dont have an exhaust already I reccomend V-force I have one and it isnt outrageously loud it is a deep rumble and no popping.
    truck looks good how many miles? I've got 83k. Take a look at my albums.
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