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  1. Oh man. sorry to hear about the tranny. I have the manual 5 speed. I paid 1800 for the car + the repair/preventative stuff I did.
  2. Yeah very good your not burning oil since its super common.. And mine ate the tranny yesterday on my way home from work! so im now looking for a cheap one since i bought the car for $1600.. and ive already had to put another $250 into it... Oh well the joys of a used car. and ill get ya that site when i get home since i dont remeber the entire address.
  3. oh yeah I havent seen it burn any oil yet either so thats good.
  4. The saturns not a bad car, the worst part is getting in and out of the thing, but the 33mpg is better than the 11 i get in the truck. especially with my work commute being a little over 250 miles for M-F. gas is 4.01 at the cheapest (costco) and for the low grade (87) at chevron for my wifes car was up to 4.29. The forum you use would be great. I dropped about 1k on the car as soon as I got it since I also drive my kid every day, so the car got new tires, a tune up (fluid replacement etc), replaced all 4 struts and did brakes all the way around, radiator hoses and outer tie rods. I figure even with all of the money dropped in it right away I would break even in gas cost alone in about 6-8 months. the cheaper parts are nice and so far most everything has been easy to work on. It should serve its purpose as a commuter care well and I hope yours does too.
  5. I noticed that you have a Saturn SC1.. I just bought a 1998 Saturn SC2 with the 1.9L DOHC 5spd. I dont like driving a car anymore than it looks like you do but i tell ya 33mpg is hard to beat when the trucks get 11-15mpg huh?? also if you need any info about your saturn or a forum to look stuff up let me know. I belong to a great one with TONS of info also alot of info about the problem areas on these cars.
    Ive already had to replace the water pump and T-stat in the 3 weeks that i have owned it. Also a full tune up. Cheap parts is one advantage.
    Also does yours use oil? i know the 1.9L SOHC well the DOHC to were known for this but mine is good to go.
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