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  1. From what you're saying I would not be surprised. Thanks for the help! Ill let you know what the shop has to say
  2. And talk to the shop and see what they have to say.. I am pretty sure a reman is gonna be cheaper.
  3. Alright, I just looked up reman's online, and it looks like it's about 1300 for a tranny with a one year warranty
  4. I would... just to be safe and get the better warranty.. Plus you know everything is put together right.. But also price it out.. if a shop can do it for half to cost and has a decent warranty then by all means have them rebuild it.
  5. So it is better to go new in this case then? I am not even over 100k yet.
  6. Well a rebuild is at minimum a grand... I had one rebuild in my 2000 626 mazda and that was a $2900 price tag.. I would go with a reman if it is shot... Better warranty. However a flush runs about $85....
  7. No kidding. Any idea what that might cost? I don't know if it's rebuildable or if I should put in a brand-new tranny.
  8. Good luck..
  9. I am going to take it in tomorrow and have my shop look at it. Hopefully I can get it done soon, this week.
  10. Really??? I thought it was a manual tranny.. Oh well mabey a flush will bring her back... Ive seen that work, and just a fluid and filter change as well.. and yes i hear ya on the things break constantly.. I did a fuel pump in my truck last night (add that to the very long list of things that i have had to fix) and my front CV axle let loose this morning on my way to work.. Plus i still wasnt able to cure all of the power loss.. And I would own a Sierra i actually far prefer the look of them to the Silverado. Im even looking for a sierra grille to put into my Silverado..
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