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Conversation Between TritonBoulder47 and TRPLXL2

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  1. No prob... I'm happy to help...
  2. Thanks for the advice, I am going to get the yellow bulbs for the high beams and the bluish ones for the lowbeams. I saw 100 watt bulbs fromputco, and they also have a 100 watt upgrade harness for like $70 which is crazy. At any rate thanks again,.................amy
  3. It shouldn't cause any problems... I have 55 watt low beams and 100 watt high beams in my Av with the factory harness, and I haven't had any issues... You should be good to go...

    - Tim
  4. I have a lighting question for you Triton, I just need a second opinion on my dilemma. I bought a set of projector headlights for my S-10, and of course I am upgrading the bulbs. For the low beam I found the correct 9006 55 watt bulb, but for the high beam all I can find is the 9005 in a 65 watt version. The stock bulbs are 61 watts, will the 4 watt difference burn up the harness or cause problems? I wouldn't think that would be enough of a difference, but I like to play it safe. Any ideas?? Thanks for any help you can give, no rush because I won't be putting them in until May.
  5. Same here... You've got to be one of the coolest people on here... And you're a lady!!! That's a rarety...
    Keep on moddin'!!!

    - Tim
  6. Thanks for the friend request, you have got to be one of my favorite people to talk to on this site so far. I think it's the mutual lighting fascination, or the Chevy truck thing! Look forward to talking to you in the future..............AMY
  7. Yeah, I sold it to a girl that had wanted it since I build it, that they day I sold it I went and picked up my Av...
    This is what it lookied like the day I sold it...
  8. Wow man that Tahoe you posted in the brush guard thread is awesome, did you trade it in to get your Avalanche? You definately have had some awesome trucks.
  9. Thanks!!! I help with what I can...
  10. Good luck with ROTM, I hope you win it because that would be the first Avalanche that would win since I can remember. I had to vote for you for that bad A$$ light setup, plus you are very helpful to a lot of people on here including me. Thanks again!
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