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  1. i briefed the SOAR guys, that went out to refuel the AC-130's last time i was deployed! Got to see some sweet videos...
  2. I may end up just paying our local shop to do it, the labor is just pretty pricey.... and yea they sure are 135's! They are just all gone from this base now but when i got here we had 63!
  3. Are those 135s in your avatar? I work AC-130s but I know a lot of 135 guys.
  4. The install took about a day. I would say it is a moderate pain in the ass. Just make sure you have ALL the right tools before you start lol.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I actually went by our local shop and they have the 3" RC kit but want 450 for installation! How hard was it to do the install?
  6. yes I did get the upper A-arms with that rough country kit. its totally worth it as you dont want to stress out your torsion bar and have the wheel alignment maxed out. if you are just looking for a nudge up to fit bigger tires, this is a real lift kit as opposed to a leveling kit. leveling kits i have found will only let you add a 1-2 inch bigger tire. thats it and you'll still have rubbing. with the 3inch lift i have no rubbing at all(trimmed a piece of the plastic wheel well) against any body parts. and i go offroading a lot, so the new shocks and clearance are a HUGE help with that. a leveling kit just doesnt cut it for offroading.
  7. When you got your rough country kit did you get the upper control arms and ball joints? i am just wondering if that option is worth the extra 180$??
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