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Conversation Between Gambit and Silverado1500

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  1. i will have to check that out
  2. no problemo, but so i know for sure is your three door a 2000 or 1999? that is going to bother me. I could have sworn by 2000 4 door was standard.
  3. i found it, thanks man
  4. i didnt get to check yet. im in school right now
  5. There is a small Chance that I am mistaken but i am 99% sure that by 2000 they were standard 4 door. But like i said i could be mistaken. Run your VIN it will tell you what year it was built. Did you find the pull tab?
  6. would my truck not be a 2000 then?
  7. i actually only have 3 doors
  8. Yeah you have a 2000 so you have 4 doors vice my 3. But at the front corner of the seat if you look under it you will see a pull tab. Pull it HARD and it will release and fold back up towards the back rest. If you dont have one on the driver side (which you should having 4 doors and all) go around to the passenger side.
  9. hey, since you have a 1999 and i have a 2000 i was wondering if you know if our rear seats can fold up?
    i cant find out how to do it.
  10. Shoot man i wish i remembered. It was a long time ago that i got them. I got them from LMC truck though. Go to their website and order a free catalog.
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