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  1. ya they came in and told my unit to f off they knew what they were doing so my unit just sat back and packed up and got the heck outta there, it seems like it would be faster and safer for the chopper pilots to just touch down and kick the grunts out, but i guess the old airborne guys are complaining to much?!?
  2. 101st all the way man. What do we need airborn for today anyway? Lol. But I've seen so much of the airborn drops from a Blackhawk lately it looks like they're combining Air Assault and Air Borne now. 13 guys in the first 2 months? The brass seems real bright. It's just really funny how the new guys have everything figured out before they even get there.
  3. ya im sure if i brought your unit up my old unit would probably recoginze it, umm as for the 82nd, they have to change everything because it was the 101st that was there before them and there are still guys that believe teh 82nd is better than the 101st and have to change everything to their way and cant do anything the way it was before. thats why when the 82nd relieved my unit in sammarra iraq they lost 13 people in 2 months just because they didnt want to listen to what my boys had to say. its sad when ignorance gets in the way of common sense
  4. Oh yea, oops. I'm still in the 484th Trans Control Battalion, who I was with over there. We we're right around the Egyptian Compound. I lived in Badger Park to the east on the other side of the fence and our AO was to the south on the other side of the Hesco. Our unit got a lot of awards for what we did and everybody but the 82nd said we did better than the past three or four active duty units. We did a lot of work with the 45th out of Hawaii.
  5. Ah yes, the 101st. We really missed them when they left. 82nd moved in and changed everything. Wouldn't have been so bad if we wern't handing everything over to a new unit when this was happening. They were getting two sets of orders on how everything worked around post and we were set in our ways. Just a regular SOP of a SNAFU. Lol.
  6. 3/187 inf reg, 101st airborne the rakkasans! i was with battlehard 3rd platoon when i went to iraq with them
  7. What's your old unit? I got home from Afghanistan at the end of Feb in '10.
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