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Conversation Between 1953bowtieguy and Conlan Rose

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  1. Ahh, ya i will prolly need to replace my plugs one of these days, and also with the replacement/repair i was talking to my dad and instead of totally rebuilding or replacing, we might just drop the front end, because he thinks my tick is just a rod bearing, so then we would replace that and then just go through my front end. I know i need Steering Gear, Idler arm, Ball joints, my CV boots a tore so i think id be replacing that. Also maybe the shocks, but im gonna see if we can take it for a ride down a bumpy road first to see if the are working good then i might just paint them to match the paint, same with the CV Boots.
  2. Yes and also so they could see if all the plugs were that bad in an effort to save me money.
  3. oh did you have them do all the rest cuz you didnt want to break another one?
  4. Yup I did it wasn't that expensive especially because I got all the plugs done. $330 total for plugs, tax, labor and such.
  5. Oh, so you did end up getting the spark plug fixed?
  6. I had some oil leaks one and off they stopped after gaskets were done. this is first time I've noticed a coolant leak so it recently became worse, most likely from sitting for two weeks. Also had a power steering leak when we first bought it, but fixed that really quick. So really three. I count all the oil leaks as the same because they never really were fixed until a shop found a fitting was leaking in fixing that I haven't lost oil since.
  7. Well its still a leak conlan. A leak is a leak. How many have you had with that tahoe?
  8. Btw if you hadn't realized it its not a major leak just bad for a bit after turning the truck off..
  9. I got it from @Steve he sells them for the site. just PM him he'll explain how to get them.
  10. Hi Conlan I was wondering where you got the logo for your tahoe?
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