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Moms 1974 Chevy truck

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Couldnt post this before because it was a surprise for my mom and she's been on this website once in a while looking for info on HHR's.

When I visited my parents in the spring of 2007 they had a 1974 Chevrolet Scottsdale C20 setting in their barn.
What made this truck special was my dad had bought it brand new April 26th 1974 from Bob Frink Chevrolet in Sacramento Ca. the day he retired from the Air Force.
It came equipped with A/C, pwr wndws, pwr lcks, tilt, cruise, plastic floor covering, 4 spd w/granny low, Camper Special package, 350/350 engine pkg, and an almost unheard of at the time Sunroof option. All for the price of $3,865.00.
The truck took us all over the U.S., Mexico, and Canada on family vacations for the next 5 years racking up an impressive 230k miles.
Unfortunately while on a trip to Baja in 1979 it was stolen and wrecked. It was towed 700 miles home and left to sit behind my fathers buisiness.
In 1983 the truck was rebuilt and put back on the road and passed from family member to family member. It somehow ended up at my dads ranch in Nv. in 2002. In 2004 he decided to rebuild it to original condition, but during the build his cancer returned and he could never get restarted on the project again.
When I found it in 2007 it was partially disassembled but still ran and was being used as a trash hauler.
I had it hauled to my home in Texas and started a rebuild on it so I could give it back to my dad. Unfortunately in late 2007 my father passed away. I couldnt seem to find the drive or the heart to finish the project until early 2008 when my mom asked about the truck. At that time I decided to complete the rebuild and give it to her.

During the rebuild I had to replace the bed and front clip due to damage. They were replaced with parts from a 1981 as my father had always liked that year grill. The cab required major repairs as the sunroof had leaked over the years and rotted out the floors. Unfortunately I was unable to repair the sunroof and decided to skin the roof over as the roof had a lot of stress cracks from the factory sunroof.
The engine was rebuilt with a Crane Fireball cam, roller rockers, Hypertheuretic pistons, a Holly Pro Jection intake system, and a few other items to make it last many miles.
I replaced the 4spd granny low trans with a new 700R4.
The front and rear suspension were shot so after having the frame soda blasted and painted I replace springs, bushings, and rubber parts with new parts from LMC. I converted the suspension from 3/4 ton to 1/2 ton since mom will probably never haul a load in it and it now sits lower so she can get in easier.
I replaced the factory rear 4.11's and axle with a rebuilt axle from a 72 Chevelle wagon with 3.07's.
The goal was to make the truck look original but drive like brand new. Last week my daughter drove it 1325 miles to deliver it to my mom and managed 23mpg at an avg. speed of 68mph And mom was surprised and extremely happy to have the truck back.



  1. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Tim, that's a real beauty. I'm sure your mom is so appreciative of that. What a wonderful momento of your father. I'd love to do a frame-off resto like that, but I have neither the money nor the time. Congrats on your work.
  2. 83BigBoy's Avatar
    hey sharp truck , good luck
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    We have $2200 cash in the rebuild and the rest was all barter and swapping labor. I did the paint in my shop and the wife did the interior at home.
    A few items need to be done still. The original bumpers were sent to the chrome shop 6 months ago and now I'm fighting with the shop because they lost them.
    The wheels that were supposed to go on it were for a 3/4 ton and I had to put these aluminium ones on and order new wheels (5 spoke white wagon wheels, not my choice).
    I had to order new chrome trim for the grill at the last minute because my grandaughter rode her bycycle over the original straight pieces.
    Part of the right head light bracket broke and it needs to be replaced.
    I completely forgot to paint the front inner fender liners inside and out and they need to be painted.
    Forgot to remove a badge from the tailgate and I'll have to touch that up later.
    And the A/C needs to be recharged.
    Luckily my uncle lives near my mom and he's going to finish everything up for me. Between traveling, parts searching, and the wife & daughter deciding at the last minute to take the truck to my mom for Thanks Giving I new some items would get missed.
  4. tbplus10's Avatar
    Found some pics from the past of Mom & Dads trucks.

    These pictures are from the spring of 1975 they were taken at a lake in the Sierra Nevada Mts named "Hell Hole" its about 5 miles as the crow flies from where the infamous Donner party ate their way into history.

    My Dads 86 Chevy dually next to my 86 Toyota lowrider.
    Yes I drove a lowrider mini in the eighties.
    Updated 11-29-2008 at 06:03 PM by tbplus10
  5. tbplus10's Avatar
    Dads 86 Chevy on its way home from the dealership brand new less than 20 minutes after purchasing it.

    Dads Chevy after he dressed it up some.
  6. retired2001's Avatar
    Great project! I would have really liked to have my Dad's '89 GMC, but my brother said he needed it. He still drives it, so I can't complain. "Memories are made of this" comes to mind! Thanks for sharing!