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So let's start from the start, seeing as it's come up in a post

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My background in anything automotive:

One of my earlier vehicles was the '74 RoadRunner. Best car I've ever own. Fun car on the whole, great fun to drive, and great fun to work on! I loved popping the hood and being able to point to things and say "there's the carb, there's the alternator, there's the water pump, there's the starter.."

Not only were things easy to identify, but it was easy to work on! Everything thing was *there*, and accessible! In installed quite a few things on that thing from a CD player to fog lights with a lighted switch on the inside that looked great! Rebuilt the carb, changed everything from plugs to wires to distributor, etc etc. I did it ALL! And it was great!

Then... things took a turn for the worse. Skipping a vehicle here and there.. the next one I got to 'work' on was the '95 Grand Caravan. I was am EMT/Fire Fighter and did all my own wiring. Lightbar with all the lighted switches on the inside on the overhead console, siren and siren box, radio.. then the new CD player, new speakers and the usual maintenance.

I've not hardly had any fun since! I've done a few things to a Ford Escort, Jeep Cherokee, and the latest vehicle I've played with has been our 2000 Ford Mustang. I've done a few things to it but have not had the fun playing inside the engine compartment like I used to do with the RR. It's a V6 and I want to keep it like that.. but want to modify it! I know what I want to do to it.. but have no idea what I'm doing! Cam, port and polish, cat back dual exhaust... I mean it's so bad that I can't even figure out what kind of wheels I need to buy! How sad is THAT!? I know what I want, basically, but knowing what I want and knowing what to look for are two entirely different things!

What size? What offset? Why can't I get these rims? What would I need to change in order to be able to use these rims, and not be stuck picking between these 5 rims that I see everywhere on every mustang!?

Sooooo... Now I'm down to the Suburban and another vehicle. I bought both because I was under the impression that both were mechanically sound, and near 100%.

Unfortunately.. they are NOT! And I'm stuck at the mercy of what shops tell me. I wouldn't mind that so much if problems could be fixed.. but in the past few years I've been burned so much that I am so extremely untrusting of any shop - right down to the dealerships that should be the one place that can ID any problem and fix them! At the prices I'm paying to get vehicles fixed there you'd think they'd do a better job!

I'm feeling frustrated!

Ok.... this blog took a turn for the worse! I'll have to blog again when I'm calmed down again...

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