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Changed the Brake Hoses on the Deuce

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Well, the brake hoses on my deuce and a half were probably original to the truck. The outer covering of the hoses were cracked from age, but they were still fine, except for one. My front drivers brake hose had been apparently rubbing against the rim of the tire for a while, and the hose was worn smooth. So, it had to get changed, especially since the brake system on a deuce is only a single-circuit system. This means that a single brake part failure anywhere in the system means no brakes at all. So, while I had the brake system open, I decided to change all the brake hoses on the truck. I got them all swapped except one hose I forgot to order, then went to bleed them. I had a vacuum bleeder, but after bleeding 12 oz of fluid and still getting tons of air bubbles, I wasn't getting anywhere fast.

So, I checked out a forum dedicated to military vehicles, and found out that you can build a "power bleeder" for relatively cheap that makes the job a snap. Boy, did it! I went to Home Depot and bought a pump-up chemical sprayer, and a couple fittings, and was on my way. The deuce master cylinder cap has a 1/8" NPT hole in it for a vent. So, you hook up the bleeder to that vent, pour the DOT-5 brake fluid in the sprayer tank, pump it up, and go bleed the brakes. I was able to bleed all 6 brakes in under an hour with the brake bleeder. Wonderful tool to have around for this! So, now I have nice, reliable brakes again.

Updated 04-06-2011 at 10:07 AM by Crawdaddy

Deuce and a Half


  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    Sounds like this truck is becoming a problem, you should probably just sell it to me for what you got into it.
    (Did I ever tell ya the Deuce is on my short list of vehicles I'd love to own?, I've never found one in good enough shape with a price I could afford)
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    I'll trade ya the deuce for that sweet dually you were having built with the gear vendors overdrive and all the goodies. Nah... I am very much enjoying the deuce even though it sits most of the time. I'm always looking for the next bigger truck to drive. I'm gonna have to step up to 18-wheelers with 53 foot trailers next...
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    I sold the Dually about 6 months ago.
    Progress slowed to a standstill and with the economy being what it is the sponsors, except for my brother either went under or backed out, which wasnt really a problem except a couple of them had creditors that started trying to place leans against the truck after mistakenly thinking since it was being used to advertise for those companies it was owned by them.
    I had to attend a couple sessions in court to straighten things out and after that I was pretty much burnt with the project so I sold it to my brother, let him deal with the BS he's the one that connected me with the other sponsors anyways.

    Big trucks are fun to drive, I keep finding myself looking at Top Kicks and thinking about how I could customize one as a daily driver.