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Saving Money: Going to Digital HDTV Antenna

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I've been trying to save money, just like everyone else, and I dropped down from the AT&T u-verse U300 $89/month package (plus all of the extra fees it comes to over $100 per month) to the family package, which is like $55 per month plus all of the extra fees, so it's like $80 or so. We watch only just a few of these and most of what we do watch are series anyhow.

We're going to drop AT&T u-verse all together, then also drop the home phone which is $35+ fees, but it's crazy because it's over $50 with all of the taxes. So by dropping both we're going to save (from the start with U300) over $150 per month.

The antenna will cost something like $40 for a good one and then we will get magic jack for about $20 per year, which is very little cost. Plus for the same money I can get faster internet through my cable company for the same cost.

To suppliment for the programming that we'll miss, which isn't all that much, we'll get the instant NetFlix through the Wii and the mid DVD plan so we can have stuff at home.

The end result is that we will be just fine, get 34 channels at home on HD digital antenna, and save close to $2,000 per year.


  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    I'm going to do this today, I'm so used to watching most of what I want over the internet anyhow that I'm not going to miss anything. Hahaha, looking forward for having next to $200 in my pocket each month and faster internet to boot.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    I have satellite tv from dish network. While I don't like spending $60 a month for tv, I do enjoy it very much. A lot of the tv shows I watch are on channels that don't come in over the air, so I have to use some subscription-based service. I also don't get good OTA service where I live, but I do get it some. So, I watch my sat tv until the weather gets bad enough to block the signal, then I swap over to OTA channels. Works for me...
  3. jfr1800's Avatar
    Going Old School with TV is a good plan. Been doing it for years.