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Fuel Filter Change and Oil and Oil Filter Change

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This occured a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now getting the time to blog about it. I haven't really done any maintainence to the deuce since I bought it, so I figured it should get a fuel filter change, and an oil change. So, I went about changing the fuel filters first. The filters on this truck aren't just spin-on cans, they're elements in metal cans that have to get changed. And there's 3 of 'em, a primary, and 2 secondaries. They were simple enough to change, except the gasket on one of the secondary filters didn't seal correctly the first time I installed it, so when I turned the truck on, it started pouring diesel out all over the engine compartment. I immediately shut the truck off, and pulled the filter and reseated the gasket, and no more leaks.

Then, I went to change the oil. Rather simple job, except for the sheer magnitude of the job. This engine holds 22 quarts of oil.... 5 and a half gallons! It also has 2 different sumps on the engine to drain the oil from. So, I take my 5 gallon bucket and put it under the front sump. In less than 60 seconds, I watch 5 gallons of black as night oil exit the truck and go into the bucket. Wow, that's some flow! Once I got the front sump drained, I moved to the rear. Not nearly as spectacular, but probably 3/4 of a gallon comes out. OK, engine drained, timed to replace the filters. Again, no spin-on cans, but elements in cans on the top of the motor. These cans are huge, and I was expecting a huge mess when I opened them, but surprisingly, I didn't spill a drop of oil thanks to letting the truck sit a day before doing the oil change. Now, keeping in mind this thing takes 5.5 gallons of oil, I bought the oil by the 5 gallon pail, and I was wondering how I was going to pick up this pail and sucessfully deposit its contents into a 1 inch hole. With a funnel and steady hands, the oil went easily into the valve cover and into the engine. Fired the engine up and checked the oil level. Success!
Deuce and a Half