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Picked up more military equipment M105A2

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You may have seen my thread asking about my odd configuration for cooling my transmission and towing a trailer. If not, here's a link: . Well, the trailer I was intending to tow was a M105A2 1.5 ton military trailer. It weighs in right at 3000 pounds, and the bed is a solid 4 foot off the ground. Here's a picture of it:

In addition to the floor of the bed being about 4 foot off the ground, it has 9R20 tires, which measure 40" tall and are the same tire and rim used by the deuce and a half. Coincidentally, this trailer is designed to be pulled by the deuce. The lunette ring is at 36" off the ground and the electrical system is 24 volt, so this trailer is not something you'd normally tow with a regular truck. However, I did use my Suburban to pick it up when I bought it. It was a 14 hour long trip to pick the trailer up, and between time, top speed of the deuce, and fuel mileage, I decided to pick it up with the Suburban.

To get the 'burb ready to tow this monstrosity, I picked up a 13" rise hitch plate and a 10 ton pintle hook to match. I then bought a set of magnetic tow lights to take care of brake lights and turn signals. I loaded up the Suburban with all my tools, a spare tire from the deuce, floor jack, ramps, and anything I could possibly concieve I'd need on the trip, and set out. I had the help of a forklift to pick the trailer up and pull the landing gear up, then carefully lower the trailer onto the pintle hook. This is how the truck looked hooked up to the trailer:

It was nosed down by a lot, but not by as much as I honestly expected. Loaded up, we set out for home. We had lowered the tailgate on the trailer to reduce wind drag, and wanted to pull the front rack, but couldn't get it out, so we left it in. The trailer towed pretty well between 55-65, though we did get it up to 73 for a few minutes. The trailer's rated for 55mph top speed, but at 65 most of the way, the bearings did well. The tires got pretty hot, but they were fine.

Around 2 hours from home, we started feeling some vibrations. Fearing it was the transmission going out, we pulled off into a gas station to inspect. The transmission appeared fine, but I noticed the muffler was hanging down pretty low! I didn't have good materials to fix the muffler, but we wired it up with some 18 gauge speaker wire I had in my toolbox and we trucked on. By the time we got home that night, the wire had long burned through, but at that point it didn't matter.

So, the trailer's safe and sound at home. It needs some work and I want to get the cargo cover for it, but it's no big deal. I'm happy.
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  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    Those trailers are indestructable, but there arent many trucks that can comfortably tow them either.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Yep. Just last night I learned this trailer was made in 1960; it's older than my parents! The only rust I've seen so far is a front corner of the bed. And limited tow vehicles is right, as evidenced by the pictures. I plan to pretty much only tow it with the deuce, or by the Suburban if it has to move without using the deuce for one reason or another. It's also a 24v electrical system, so I have to put magnetic lights on to tow with a non-military vehicle.
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    I'd recommend for your next project to start researching a supply of reasonably priced tires.
    Those tires dont do well on the road they wear very fast.
    When I was in Europe we limited our road trips with the deuces because they eat the tires fast, the compound and tread pattern is great off-road though.
    Dont know if youve already found this site. The Navy used to buy NIS and hard to get parts from these guys they had a well stocked warehouse and ran a recycling yard out back.
  4. tbplus10's Avatar
    So Christopher are you starting your own Army command? I'm just wondering cause you've started collecting a nice bit of Army equipment.
    If you are may I offer my services as an enlisted Private.