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I really dont understand people

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Yesterday morning about 9am I was heading out to do chores, I tried to get on I20w and it was shut down. Ok we'll use the service road, gives us a legitimate excuse for going by the Harley shop and having a beer or two.
Traffic only got worse and every street around the Interstate was either shut down or blocked with cars so after a couple beers at the H/D shop I went home, only 4 blocks from the Interstate to home but it took me 50 mins.
The local Fox news reported that a man was on a bridge over I20 threatening to jump off, he'd been there since 6am.
Unfortunately he eventually jumped and killed himself but what really stuck with me were;
1. People on the Fox Blog were so hateful to this guy for inconveniencing thier lives with traffic, they were blogging some of the most hateful things you could imagine. I hope the hateful things they blogged come back to haunt them, I'm sure this guy didnt plan to intentionally disrupt thier lives, whats a little traffic compared to a life.
2. My mom is presently fighting the final stages of terminal cancer with every ounce of strength and my dad died of cancer/treatment side effects 2 years ago, either one of them would have changed places with the jumper in a moment to be able to live a longer life, his problems were so bad he wanted to give-up life to be rid of them he couldnt see any way to reconcile things?
I would encourage anyone that suffers from Depression no matter how minor they feel it is to seek help, these are trying times we live in but at some point things will change, once you make the decision to end your life you can change that it's permanent.


  1. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Agreed. I'm sure it was quite the inconvenience to people with the interstate shut down, but there are always plenty of other times when the interstate gets shut down for various other reasons, but they don't complain about it then. Having had some depression issues, I know how hard it can be to fight through it, keep trucking, and continue on with life. There have been times I wished I was dead, (don't we all feel that way sometimes) but I have never seriously contemplated taking my life. It was just a poor situation all around. Except for the beer part, and I'm still trying to figure out how you're drinking beer at a H/D dealer/shop
  2. tbplus10's Avatar
    The Harley Dealer puts out a cold keg every Saturday morning. Dont know how much parts/bike sales gets done, I think most guys just go up here to shoot the bull vand drink beer.
  3. ChevyFan's Avatar
  4. tbplus10's Avatar
    Yea that was it.
    I didnt hear about the one on 183.
    This story says he didnt jump. Guess FOX got it wrong.
    A motorcyclist flew off the side of the same bridge over 20 and 360 the Tuesday afternoon before this.
  5. unplugged's Avatar
    Nobody gets out of this deal alive. I think everyone should have the right to choose how and when they die. We make choices everyday, some good some bad. Just because I think someone else should "hang in there" doesn't mean they have to. It's not my place to decide for them.

    As I get older I've watched more of my friends and family make that journey. Some die quietly with peace and dignity and others die excruciating deaths. Currently I have a dear friend who is in home hospice waiting to make the passage. Zoned out on morphine waiting for death to come knocking. It's been 4 months of tortuous trials since complications after a heart bypass, and 8 days at home waiting for the good Lord to take her. If she could have, she would have jumped from that overpass too.

    Recently a distinguished orchestral conductor Sir Edward Downes, 85, and his 74-year-old wife Joan chose assisted suicide at the Dignitas suicide clinic in Zurich.

    His wife was terminal, while he was ill but not suffering any life threatening illness. At 85 he did not want to live a life without his beloved. His life, his choice.

  6. tbplus10's Avatar
    Since I originally posted this subject has come even closer to me, on Jully 21st my mom lost her battle with cancer and a host of other complications/side affects.
    What really bothers me the most is she was diagnosed within days of my fathers July 2007 death of cancer. She had taken care of my father faithfully since his cancer diagnosys, there were many things she wanted to see and do but she put them all on hold to care for him while he was sick, much as she did when us 9 children were young.
    In 1997 my father was diagnosed and given no more than 6 months to live, he beat the diagnosis by 9.5 yrs, but it was a long struggle that saw over 30 major surgerys and lots of hospital time. In the end he became addicted to pain killers, sadly that was his major concern (being a hipacrit) before he died, the fact he was addicted to pain killers and he had argued many times with my brother over drug addiction.
    Mom selflessly took care of him at home until a few days before he passed away, then a day after the funeral was diagnosed herself.
    She struggled with her health for 2 years never getting better just slowly dying from the disease. On July 19th she asked my sister to take her to the hospital so she could be entered into a Hospice program because she wasnt going to fight the disease anymore, we had all been helping to care for her at my sisters home and originally her wish was to pass away at home, but evidently she changed her mind at some point. She lasted in the Hospice 2 days.
    My thanks go out to the North Las Vegas Hospice center for taking care of my mom in her last days. As standard practice they had a nurse posted in her room around the clock in her final days so she wouldnt be alone when she passed. Unfortunately none of us were at the hospital when she passed, we were all on our way to Las Vegas as we knew when my mom made up her mind to do something it would get done soon.